TCDD Damages 2016 Billion in 2.5

Railways, whose budget has turned into a black hole for years, turned out to be the 2016 with a loss of 2.5 billion pounds. The TCA warned the institution that increased its financial burden.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, noted for its high-speed train investment (TCDD) in damage quickly. According to the audit report of the Court of Accounts, TCDD, which closed 2016 with a loss of 2.5 billion TL, has reached a total balance loss of 16.1 billion TL with the previous years.

SözcüAccording to the news of İsmail Şahin, the auditors pointed out that TCDD has not been able to create internal funds due to the loss of years, and emphasized that the funding needs are constantly met by the capital increases made by the Treasury and the transferable / guaranteed foreign loans. In this context, only in 2016, TCDD was paid 6.1 billion lira cash capital transfer and 426 million lira duty loss payment by the Treasury.

Stating that the institution has suffered losses for years and the invoice has increased day by day, the TCA auditors said, “The financial burden on TCDD, which had to operate with high costs, has increased. This negative structure constitutes the main problem of the railway sector and TCDD ”. Reminding that railway transport plays an important role in the economic and social development of developed countries, the auditors said, "It is important that TCDD is transformed into a modern, fast and safe transport activity, with an economic organization structure, efficient working and highly competitive".

Drawing attention to the fact that investments in this field, especially high-speed train projects, should be completed at the most cost-effective and timely manner. not to make changes ”. Emphasizing that TCDD should be turned into an efficient and competitive institution, the auditors said, "In addition to high speed train projects, modernization of conventional lines should be emphasized."

While 2015 million people were moved in 95.3 in TCDD, which operates as a monopoly in the transportation sector, this figure was 2016 million in 6.6 with a 89 percent decrease compared to the previous year. 68 million of the passengers used the suburbs and 21 million used the main lines. The net sales revenue of TCDD was 1.1 billion lira, with an increase of 19 million lira by only 1.8 percent compared to the previous period. Net sales revenue; 18.2 percent came from domestic mainline and suburban passenger transportation revenues, 32 percent from domestic freight transportation revenues, 19.3 percent from port revenues and 3.5 percent from international freight revenues.

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    1. If they really wanted a busy passenger capacity, they would connect with izmir istanbulu yht and they would not cancel the train in the first project because of the gulf transition bridge. other airlines look at this line is both the trade and the tourism is full of passengers at the moment from the station to get the chance to get away from haydarpasaşını alsseak I had passed the ticket revenue eating and drinking business, etc., but imagine the last time when you leave izmir is a trip in the local government is a bit of a vision if you have a trip It happens in Istanbul and EDIRNE Europe Connection freight passenger is provided as YHT!

    2. I agree and add to Mr. Fatih. First of all, the most important advantage of the highway over the railway is the lack of transfer. TCDD must first take care of this problem. The most important way to handle this "fast, comfortable and safe" is to implement and produce hybrid YHT and HT systems. In this way, YHT and HT comfort DY. It will reach wherever it is. In addition, the current route of İzmir-Ankara is incorrect. This line should follow Eskişehir-afyon-butler-manisa direction. Here, both the road is straight and the number of stations is low. Balıkesir connection should be planned as Bandırma-Eskişehir. In addition, if the bends in the existing lines are removed, there will be a serious shortening of the times.

    3. In addition, the eastern Anatolian island (Kars-Mersin and Sivas-Iskenderun) lines should be opened. İzmir Konya train should be operated in cooperation with Konya ankara YHT. Izmir Eskişehir trains should be used for Istanbul YHT. The Pamukkale train should go up to Aydın-kyle. most importantly from Burdur to Antalya port urgently need to be made of DY

    4. Apart from these, when Samsun Sivas road renewal is completed, a train should be run between Samsun and Batman. Because there is no healthy highway between Central and Eastern Black Sea and East and Southeast Anatolia.