New Era in Vangölü Transportation with Sultan Alparslan

Turkey's largest ferry "Sultan Alparslan", on January 15, 2018 began to serve in Tatvan-Van-Tatvan.

Lake Van, Turkey-Iran through transit rail line link that allows the renewal of the ferry service within the scope of the ferry, it's both faster and has more features than the older high-capacity ferry.

The seven-storey ferry made its first test in 19 December 2015 and completed its last trial at the end of 2017.

50 wagon-capacity ferry to transport more cargo in less time

The cargo carrying capacity of Sultan Alparslan fell from a thousand tons to four thousand tons, the journey time 4 hours 30 minutes to 3 minutes from the minute to 30 minutes. Since the new ferries are capable of handling a thousand tonnes of 32 per day, they will be able to carry much more than the load carried by the four old ferries available at one time. The 9 10 wagon capacity 50 will be increased by 2 with the new ferry.

Each line length 125 meter 4 will be carried on passenger transportation with freight even with the total length of 500 meter rail, as well as freight transport with the length of the line.

60 fuel consumption save

Another important feature of the ferries, which are produced in diesel engines TÜLOMSAŞ and which have high domesticity and high nationality, is fuel savings of 60.

The second ferry is scheduled to be commissioned in the middle of 2018.

On the other hand, while the ferries were renewed, Van and Tatvan berths were made suitable for the berthing of new ships. The depth of the Van port area was increased from 130 to 7 meters for high tonnage ferries with 4 meter paint and 6 bin groston weight.

Also, the old ferries will continue to serve.

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