Metro Cars didn't cross Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

The metro cars produced in Adapazarı could not cross the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge by installing 1983 legislation. The company that wants to move the wagons from the bridge planned for crossing over the two-way train line did not get permission on the grounds that it exceeds the '54 tone' allowed by the law.

Decades before the remaining transport regulations, Turkey can not keep up the pace of investment. The wagons produced in Adapazarı for the Marmaray line connecting the two continents were attached to the legislation dating from 1983 and could not cross the Bosphorus. The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which was built to include the two-lane railway, excited the Adapazarli wagon manufacturer company.


The company, which wanted to move train wagons from Asia to Europe faster, encountered a bad surprise. The authorities, citing the Highways Traffic Law numbered 1983, which entered into force in 2918 as a reason, did not allow wagons to pass through the bridge crossings due to the '54 tons rule '.


However, the Third Bridge, which has a rail line for trains and subways, was technically built with a capacity to carry not one but more than one wagon. Approximately 3 years later, metro services with at least 5 wagons will begin and within minutes, thousands of Istanbul residents will be transported by metro. That Turkey did not keep up the speed of this issue and the urgent need to update pointing incident took place as follows:

Wagons produced for the Marmaray metro line connecting two continents in Istanbul were loaded on trucks. The company management applied to the Highways after receiving a positive response from the ICA Management, which is the operator, to make the bridge crossing.

Bureaucrats demonstrating the regulation put into effect after the construction of the First Bridge did not allow wagons to pass through the bridge. Shocked by the response they received, the company had to load the wagons from Derince Port onto the ships together with the TIR and delivered them to Ambarlı Port in Istanbul. The company will have to transport 60 more wagons to Istanbul by sea for delivery.

Reacted through social media
Fatih Şener, the Chief Executive Officer of the International Transporters Association (UND), reacted by criticizing the incident on social media. In his statements, Şener said: “The carrier will carry wagons to the state's subway with its truck. He wants to cross the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Highways official said, “You cannot cross this bridge. This bridge does not carry, ”he says. We ask ICA, who built the bridge,“ What is a wagon on a truck? “A complete train will cross this bridge”. The official of the state says that he cannot 'cross', based on the rule laid down for the Bosphorus bridge built in 1974. I don't know whether we should cry or laugh. "

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