Students Studying at Trakya University Headed to the Train

Map of Edirne Istanbul Fast Train
Map of Edirne Istanbul Fast Train

The increase in fuel prices also caused an increase in bus ticket fares. Edirne - Istanbul bus ticket prices increased up to 45 TL, causing students to study at Trakya University to prefer train in transportation. Stating that arrival and departure by bus is very costly and ticket prices in Edirne are higher than many provinces, the students stated that more people will use the train with more train services. The increase in bus prices directed the students to the train. Students, “Halkalı-There must be a ring service between Sirkeci. Then it will be more in demand, ”they said. Source: EdineNews


Ecem Tunca, one of the students who talked about the journey by train, said, “It will be better if the number of flights increases. However, our landing place Halkalıto Sirkeci ring should be made. Because we are going to Istanbul from here, but from where we will reach the 3-4 is taking the time. from Sirkeci HalkalıGetting to Istanbul is a bit more difficult. A single line comes to the place where the train station is located. If this problem is solved, the preferences of students like me and me will also be on the trend. Transportation money is a big problem for students. If you count, if I go to Istanbul with my family every week, 360 TL will only pay for bus. I believe the authorities will listen to us. " said.


Increasing bus ticket prices are learned by the TCDD's stations and stations. 50 26 discount on the train ticket prices 20 less than the price of the bus ticket and 1 discount on the train, the return and discounts, such as student discounts, especially the students face the smile of the students. There are only 8 passenger trains running between Edirne and Istanbul. The train is made up of 1 passenger cars and is unable to meet increasing passenger demand, especially on weekends. Edirneliler demands to increase the number of train journeys from the authorities. TCDD XNUMX. Regional Manager Halil Aslan, said that the train service must be taken care of. Çerkezköy- If the conditions of the train line, the 2018 will be completed at the end of the year and can be connected to the Marmaray line, the high speed train of this line is also connected to the fate of the Channel Istanbul project, he said.


  • Edirne-İstanbul 22.00 TL Student 17.50,
  • Edirne-Çerkezköy $ 15.50,
  • Alpullu-Istanbul 17.00 TL,
  • Luleburgaz -Istanbul 15.50 TL,
  • Muratli-Istanbul 12.50 TL,
  • Corlu-Istanbul 11.00 TL,
  • Çerkezköy-Istanbul 8.00 TL,
  • Edirne-Corlu 12.50 TL


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