Violent lodos in Izmir! .. İZDENİZ cancel ferry flights

The sea swelled in Izmir, the waters rose. While the length of the waves increased up to 4 meters, the force of the wind increased to 103.3 kilometers. 11 trees were toppled due to severe lodos whose impact was felt more intensely in the coastal area. Rising seawater flooded some areas.

While the life in the city was negatively affected by the severe lodos, the wave height of 04.40 meters and the swelling sea, which increased its effect from 4 this morning in Izmir, many trees were also toppled. According to the information obtained from Izmir Meteorology Directorate, the wave height was up to 4 meters in Güzelyalı, while the strongest wind was detected as 103.3 kilometers in the morning. The strength of the wind reached 71.6 kilometers in Konak and Alsancak regions. Meteorology Regional Directorate officials stated that the lodos was replaced by the highway, and that strong winds and storms would continue until the evening hours.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams, spent the night vigilance. According to the first determinations made after the severe lodos, Balçova, Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, Buca, Alsancak, Karşıyaka, Bornova, Gaziemir, Bayraklı and 11 trees in total were toppled in Karataş. Two vehicles were rescued under fallen trees in Narlıdere and Balçova. Due to the excessive rise of sea water, overflows occurred in Mavişehir Fishing Shelter and Konak and Alsancak Ferry ports. Due to the intense storms and waves, the walking strip and wooden piers on the sea side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard were damaged. 1. In Kordon, the paving stones were removed with the force of the waves. During the night, IZSU teams were also mobilized. Due to wodos and sea water rise, Karşıyaka water flood in the region was intervened.

Temporarily cancel ferry service
İZDENİZ ferry voyages, which started at 06.55, could only make voyages until 08.45 due to adverse weather and sea conditions. İZDENİZ officials stated that once the intensity of the storm decreased, the voyages would start again.

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