Train Stations in Samsun

Cezayir Akgüner, who lives in the Güzeldere neighborhood of Samsun, has a hard time due to the train passing by his house. Akgüner, who is engaged in marketing, cannot take his car out, has trouble downloading his products to the market.

Cezayir Akgüner, 68, who lives in the Güzeldere District of İlkadım District of Samsun, has a hard time due to the railway passing by his house and closing the vehicle exit. Akgüner, who provides his livelihood by making a market, has a hard time downloading what he produces in his greenhouses next to his home.


Algerian Akguner, who has been living in 15 for years, is moving his products on railroad tracks and loading them in his van. The vehicle that he bought a while ago and used by his family members to provide transportation is waiting in front of his house.


Akgüner, who entered the railway between his home and his job, said, “I have four children. Now I live with my wife, a son and a daughter. My daughter is studying at university. My son also works in the market with his mother. I'm retired. One salary is not enough. Therefore, I am a marketer. I have 5 greenhouses. I load what I produce in these vehicles and take them to the market and sell them. I make my living from this. But the train passed by my house. I couldn't get my car out. Previously, I was putting wedge-like things again and now it has risen well, it has been more than 20 centimeters, I can never pass anymore. I do not know what to do when it is put into service. I have no other choice to get out of here. May Allah be pleased with our state, they bring service; but I want my troubles to be resolved and a way to pass through it ”.

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