Private security workers working in İZBAN are experiencing staff rhetoric

Over 500 private security guards, who are faced with cadres in İZBAN, want to open the way for İZBAN staff.

500, working in İZBAN due to its partnership structure, is experiencing a special security guard. Security officials who complained that the authorities do not provide information to open the front of İZBAN staff asked.

The deadline for the staff organized by the OHAL decree, 11 January, is approaching as there are a lot of questions from the content of the regulation. Subcontractors working in municipal affairs were to be transferred to municipal companies while the subcontracted workers working in institutions with a state economic enterprise status were excluded.

One of the problematic institutions is the municipality and the KIT. According to the information on the web site TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 50 40 partnerships established with the employees of the private security workers working in İZBAN is not clear whether the staff. 500, which is located in the XNUMX station between Aliağa and Selçuk, is waiting for special security clarity.

Security officials so far, the authorities did not make a statement to the security officials to negotiate with the authorities has failed. The security guards will still fill the form and give it to the institution and wait for the next answer. Although the tender and the contract have been made through the recruitment of personnel, the authorities do not take steps and avoid taking responsibility.

The security guards we talked to wanted to remove the uncertainty as soon as possible. Stating that the double-headed structure of the institution has already caused problems in the union organizing process, the security forces said: c We are waiting for the day when we are going to the squad. Security personnel working in other units of the municipality will be transferred to the company staff. We're the only problems. We've been working on the team. Or it's not about the trouble. Most of our friends will quit if the squad is not. We want to have our job security now. In our interviews, some executives said that the organization's 51 belonged to TCDD. Why is this problem in İZBAN? The subcontractor was leaving. We were told that we will continue to work with the subcontractor company. Bize

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