Very Important "Eastern Express" Statement by Minister Arslan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, evaluated the demand for the Eastern Express and said, esi We will continue to add wagons. This interest pleases us and our citizens are satisfied. Bu

Arslan visited the YHT Terminal in Ankara and celebrated the new year of the last YHT passengers of 2017. Regarding the intensive interest in the Eastern Express train Arslan, said that this interest pleased them. Arslan said that they renewed the line and trains, and that the passengers started to prefer the train as the travel was comfortable. Arslan pointed out that the interest in the region was increased due to the fact that the Ani Ruins in Kars were included in the World Heritage List. Bölge With the opening of many 5 stars, our people are going to Kars. They turn and tell them how comfortable they travel. The attention to the Eastern Express has increased remarkably. They travel with great winter and nature scenery. Muhteşem

Arslan, step to solve the problem in the train, saying they are taking steps, said:

Or On trains, there is a locomotive plus 9 wagon. 1 grain bed, 1 grain-bearing, 4 grain-wagon passengers are serving passengers. Due to interest in beds and turban, every evening we serve 4 or 5 beds, 2 or 3 and 4 pulman wagons. We have increased the number of wagons as much as possible, and our passengers can find space. Since our satisfaction is sold electronically, people can buy tickets in just a few seconds. In particular, tour agencies are also doing a package program including accommodation, return and meals. They are also traveling in groups. Those who go with them are also very satisfied. We allocate separate wagons to them. The demands of agencies and the wagons added are different, the wagons used by our passengers are different. There is a perception that 'agents cannot find a place that closes', no. Very outstanding attention. We can't find a place for our people in 4, 5. We'll continue to add wagon. This interest pleases us and our citizens are satisfied. Our reason is that our people will prefer to travel by rail, prefer to travel by train. Our nation has rediscovered the train and we continue to work day and night to provide them with comfortable travel. Mill



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