President Çağlayan Orhangazili Listened to the Problems of Minibuses

Mayor of Orhangazi Neşet Çağlayan meets with the other dynamics of the district and the NGO and continues the meetings where the problems are met in person. Mayor Neşet Çağlayan and the members of the Assembly together with the members of Orhangazi Bursa, Yalova, Gemlik and Iznik passenger transport Orhangazi Cooperative Cooperatives President David Rich and cooperative members and Terminal tradesmen came together. Speaking at the meeting held at the Nadir Facility, the first meeting was made by the Chairman of the Cooperative, Davut Zengin. Davut Rich also stated that they had some problems in passenger transport to Gemlik as Orhangazili minibuses and that they could not find a solution to these problems through BURULAŞ.


Mayor Neşet Çağlayan said that such meetings were organized by the addressees of the subject, each institution organized with the aim of solving these problems with other representatives of the institutions. Çağlayan also stated that they want everyone to contribute to the administration of the city, and minibuses perform a very important task. There was a metropolitan process. There was a process related to BURULAŞ. We are in consultation with our cooperative managers. A certain distance has been covered in these issues. But the life goes on. The city is a dynamic city. Therefore, the problems are not solved, new problems can arise. The last situation, he said, will be identified together.


Mayor Neşet Çağlayan, the members of the minibusist cooperative in the evaluation meeting one by one by listening to problems sought solutions. On the other hand, promising Terminal traders, Çağlayan said that they would work together to make new arrangements for Terminal.

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