PAL Express`s Percent 15 Shares Transfered to PTT for 1

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the 15lik stake in Hong Kong's transportation company, PAL Express, was transferred to a symbolic figure, 24, against PTT Inc., as part of the additional protocol signed in 2017 October 1.

Minister Arslan, the transportation companies in Hong Kong PAL Express has a 15 percent stake in PTT AŞ in his speech at the signing ceremony of agreements on the transfer, Turkey's oldest and most distinguished institutions of PTT's testimony more to the world of one of the steps it has taken towards becoming a brand He said he was.

Indicating that PTT has been constantly undertaking since the day it was founded, Arslan stated that the institution has recently undertaken important projects by developing its service network.

Arslan, internet and technology all over the world under the influence of changing everything, while the most affected by this change in the sector of the postal sector drew attention.

Emphasizing that PTT has taken very solid steps not only to take part in this change process but also to grow, Arslan continued as follows:

“PTT innovation has become one of the world's leading institutions in the industry by increasing technology, collaborations between countries and institutions, diversifying postal services, abandoning classical approaches and taking very correct steps. Institution; It has made significant strides towards becoming a world brand with the strength it has gained from its 177-year history by renewing itself, its physical spaces, its understanding of service. Today, it provides postal, logistics, e-commerce and banking services through its agency in the province, district, district, district and even in its villages with its agency in 4 thousand 602 PTT offices and 2 thousand 252 PTT Matik. It takes the service to citizens all over the country, including its remotest point. ”

Arslan stated that the institutions providing banking and financial services in many settlements were closed due to the successive crises before 2002 and that the PTT Bank started to meet the service deficit that occurred there after 2004, and that PTT Bank has no bank He noted that there are PTT Matik in 792 settlements where there is no ATM.

Reminding that citizens are doing their business online both with the public and the private sector, Arslan said that PTT, which carried out the transactions of 15 separate organizations 7 years ago, has performed 396 separate transactions of 552 institutions and organizations and carried out 95 million transactions monthly.

“PTT became an institution that reads the future very well”

Explaining that PTT attaches great importance to the e-commerce infrastructure by reading the future very well in this change process, Arslan emphasized that the e-commerce sector has become a big sector where billions of dollars are exchanged in one day.

Arslan stated that e-PTTAVM, which was established 6 years ago, has gathered thousands of suppliers and millions of buyers under one roof, however, the necessary infrastructure for e-commerce has been created, online payment systems have been developed and the importance of transportation, which is the most important link of e-commerce, has also been given importance.

Turkish Airlines (THY) and the world's most widespread service network to cooperate with the back indicating that Arslan, said:

“Last year, Sales Agency Agreement was signed with Hong Kong transportation company PAL Express. Within the scope of the mentioned agreement, all electronic commerce shipments collected from the Far East on behalf of our country and other countries were transported under the fastest and most convenient conditions via PAL Express and THY. Thanks to this service, in 2016 and 2017, a total of 4 million 831 thousand 729 kilograms of shipments were accepted to our country and transit to third countries. These transports will increase exponentially with the Istanbul New Airport, which we will put into service this year. A total turnover of 133 million 839 thousand 884 pounds was achieved. The profit obtained here is over 14 million liras. Thanks to this partnership, PTT rose to 67th place among 7 countries in the transportation and delivery of international e-commerce shipments. Today we take this partnership one step further. Within the scope of the additional protocol signed between the two institutions on October 24, 2017, 15 percent of PAL Express company has been transferred to PTT for a symbolic number of 1 dollar. We are now taking PTT to the next level in international e-commerce. By utilizing the capabilities of PAL Express, PTT will be able to do more different and important works in the Far East and the world. PAL Express will also be able to cooperate with worldwide mail management like PTT. With this, it will be able to do more business both in our country and in the world. Thus, Turkey is also ready to make the e-commerce with PTT transportation hub. "

50 billion pounds of e-commerce pie for Turkey

Arslan said that PTT has a brand value when asked about the reason for this transfer transaction being 1 dollar and whether PAL Express has any debt.

Indicating that PTT became more known worldwide after taking the post office of the World Postal Union, Arslan said:

“If you look at it from the PAL Express side, having the PTT involved in this business in order to benefit from the brand value, on the contrary, maybe requires giving money, not getting money from the PTT. 'If it requires money, why don't you get paid?' A question may arise. In particular, we talked about the potential for e-commerce. e-commerce is a one-click portal. You have to actually take the product from the point of production to the point of consumption using the means of transportation. That's why the ability to do the transportation and logistics part, which is so important, with the help of experienced PAL Express. kazanWe are talking about an established PTT. Both institutions arekazan kazan', they are doing this cooperation within the framework of the policy. Therefore, it is not possible for one to make any payments to the other. Legally, it is necessary to do this for a price, even if it is symbolic. In Turkey, we carry out this transaction with a symbolic price of 1 lira while transferring some of the company's shares.”

Minister Arslan stated that these transactions were carried out with the efforts carried out by national and international independent organizations, and that PAL Express did not have any debt, it was revealed through reports prepared by international organizations.

Arslan Turkey to 50 billion pounds this year, e-commerce pie striking mentioned, said that there were a significant role in this regard and the PTT functions.

Anthony Lau, Chairman of the Board of PAL Express, pointed out that the company is the market leader in the field of electronic commerce and airline trade.

Indicating that e-commerce will override traditional commerce in the coming years, Lau said, “E-commerce is expected to increase 50 percent in the coming years. I am sure that we will take our partnership to a higher level. Thanks to our partnership, we aim to contribute to the expansion of PTT's e-commerce efforts towards Asia. ” he spoke.

Following the speeches, the contract regarding the transfer of 15 percent of PAL Express to PTT AŞ was signed.

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