Surprise of Marmaray Passengers Soup

Citizens on their way to work and school early in the morning, Marmaray Kazlıçeşme station in front of the Zeytinburnu Municipality encountered the surprise of the soup.

Zeytinburnu Municipality, on the cold winter day to go to work and go to school on the smoke of steaming lentil soup served to the citizens. 07.30 thousand lentil soup served in the stands in front of the Marmaray Kazlıçeşme stop in 3 in the morning. Warm soup and warm bread with passengers inside, after the meal was sent off to work.


Halil Yardim, who drinks the soup offered to him on the way to work, says, “I work in Üsküdar on the opposite side. I was trying to catch up with Marmaray. When I saw the soup, I said to drink one. It was so good I did not have breakfast, I got hot in the morning It makes us very happy to do such things. ” said.

Noting that the cold soup in cold weather came as a medicine, Levent Aktürk said, ilaç I use Marmaray every morning. This is my first time this year. How beautiful all students and those who go to work benefit. We also benefit. The taste of the soup is not very good. I drank hot soup in such a cold air. Bö

Ahmet Dilbe said he was pleased to meet the soup surprise and said, du It was a very nice surprise in the morning. Many thanks to those who think the way out early for breakfast has never been made. Ediy he said.

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