Malatya Women Are Satisfied With Pink Trambus Application

📩 20/12/2018 17:33

for the first time in our province has created great satisfaction in Pink TRAMBUS application we have implemented passenger in Turkey

Initiated by a group of students studying at Inonu University, the Pink Trambus application, launched by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Cakir last September, is a great appreciation for women of Malatya. Since the introduction of the women's agenda since the introduction of many discussions and the country's agenda frequently occupied with women's satisfaction is increasing day by day, while some women want to increase the number of flights.

Passing between MUSI and Inonu University Pink Trambus with women traveling in a comfortable way that they expressed the application of other provinces to be asked to be an example. In the past, some negative events in the public transport vehicles in the universities who said that with the Pink Trambus, this kind of negativity was prevented, the application thanked the Municipality of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.

A woman explaining her satisfaction with the application of Pink Trambus; . The first thing I heard was that it was ridiculous. But when I did, I felt good and I was satisfied. As a lady I thought it was a nice service.

Another lady; “I liked Pink Trambus. First I must say it was very comfortable. As the Trambus line covers the University and Research Hospital, students, patients and their relatives use it extensively. That's why it's too crowded. Pink Trambus are very special for women. From time to time we expect the arrival time of the Pink Trambus Zaman.

The passenger who said that he returned from a visit at a research hospital; Bulundu A good practice ”demanded the separation of the University and Research Hospital lines. Students stated that they were constantly on the road.

“I don't believe a distinction has been made between the passengers. Pink Trambus is a matter of choice. He wants to ride, he does not want to ride. Good for the tightness. We feel more comfortable.

A student who said that she gave a lot of comfort to the ladies said: Var There is an extreme intensity in other Trambuses. We're very uncomfortable with the congestion. We are very happy when Pink Trambus coincides. I'm not saying it for all men, but we're very uncomfortable with that jam. Now, without any hesitation, we are making our journey comfortably without fear of congestion. We go to our school in a comfortable way. So we are quite satisfied with the application. All of Turkey is in place if applied, "he said.


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