Great Scalpel for Public Transport from Aktas

The problem of minibuses and private public buses is not today.
It is not possible to solve a problem accumulated over many years.
But you have to be determined to solve a big problem with radical moves.
Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas also began to take decisive steps. Mayor Aktas, yesterday's interview, 100 thousands of Bursalın complained about the problem of public transport to solve some of the decisions said.
The bus driver, who didn't take a disabled citizen to his car last weekend, had a big reaction.
However, the public bus operators have been persecuting our disabled and old citizens for free for years.
In addition, standing passenger area, standing outside the station, traffic jams and accidents that cause the minibuses, another dimension of the problem.
Here are important decisions taken 2 to eliminate these problems.
First, the minibuses are removed and converted into a private public bus.
In particular, all of the minibuses on the east line will be transformed into a bus and will be included in the system.
1002 minibus serves in Bursa.
President Aktaş 758 says that the minibus will be converted into a bus. Almak Minibus drivers are conducting a number of rules violations, from standing passengers to stopping to non-stop passengers. We are planning to connect the minibuses to Burulaş by converting them to bus as in the western line. So they will be included in our system and they will be in control. In addition, the number of minibuses will be reduced. Ayrıca
Another important decision is to grant subsidies to private public buses.
In other words, passengers will be guaranteed.
As I mentioned in Girizgah, some private public bus drivers do not take our citizens who have free travel card, especially our disabled and old citizens, offend, offend and insult.
President Aktas, to prevent this, said that they will provide passenger buses to private public buses.
So how many passengers will be guaranteed?
2,1 per passenger per month 4 guarantee a million passengers per month.
If the number of passengers falls below 4 million, the Metropolitan Municipality will support each missing passenger.
Thus, the excuse of private public bus trades, such as ”We cannot make money and we carry free passengers esn will be eliminated.
President Aktaş said that they will implement the important decision of the 2 consensus, especially in the west line, they provide a compromise up to 95.

Source: Mustafa Özdal - is

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