Campaigns in Channel Projects

With the clarification of the route of Kanal Istanbul, mobility started in the projects under construction in the region. Sales offices hosted visitors who wanted to buy a house close to the canal. Companies also started to organize different campaigns to turn this interest into sales. However, most; long term and low prepaid campaigns are preferred.

Canal İstabul, which will pass through Avcılar, Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir and Arnavutköy districts, has activated the real estate market. Projects close to the region and currently under construction, the focus of interest to those who want to buy housing. Companies also started to organize different campaigns to turn this interest into sales. The long-term and low-down payment options were one after the other. Authorities of construction companies who developed projects in the region reported that there was at least a 10 percent increase in the number of people visiting the sales office after the route was announced.


Noting that the housing buyer has examined the projects close to the channel one by one, the company officials said that not every office visit immediately returned to the sale. Stating that the buyer is now conscious, the authorities said, yetkililer They come to the sales offices that want to buy a home and get all the detailed information. He questions payment plans and squares. Then he goes to the sales offices of other projects in the area. After collecting all the information there is at least one day status assessment at home. Reinforcement areas, square meters, prices and dues after the comparison to buy or buy the sale office to clarify the house once again comes to give the information they gave.


Construction companies who want to facilitate the purchase of housing offers the most long term and low down payment campaign to the buyer. Maturities can go up to 100 months in some projects. Interim payments are also frequently included in campaigns. Some firms also offer their individual payment plans to the buyer in a certain amount of time, also known as balloon payment, without any due date.


In the projects under construction near the canal, the lowest housing price is within the site. The lowest priced district is observed in Esenyurt, adjacent to the canal. The highest price is noted as Küçükçekmece. In Esenyurt, the square meter prices are in the mid-range sites around 250 thousand 180 pounds, while the non-residential properties are in the range of thousand 2 to 500 thousand pounds. Realtors, the price of the square meter Xnumx thousand 800 pounds in Avcilar, 2 thousand 3 lira in Kucukcekmece, 500 thousand 3 pounds in Basaksehir, 759 thousand 3 lira in Arnavutköy.

All types of housing

It is possible to find any type of apartment in neighboring housing projects. Cihan Construction's Real Estate Housing REIT realizes that the Avrupaark Hayat project has a thousand 95 residences and 81 commercial units. District Bahçekent project carries the signature of Sur Yapi. 2019 + 1 to 1 + 4 is available in 1. Realized by Emlak Konut GYO, the North Side consists of the 10 block.

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