Izmir Bay Crossing Is Unfair

. The benefits of the project that will hit the scalpel on the traffic problem are being underestimated, jen says Tayfun Karabulut, Head of Inciraltı 2.Nesil Platform.

Izmir Gulf Transition in recent weeks with the construction of the "Gediz Delta in the form of" will be damaged in the form of the Izmir public opinion, those who want to mislead the followers who watched the great Xanthi 2.Nesil Platform President Tayfun Karabulut, "Gulf Transition will benefit the people of Izmir and Izmir environmentalists it is a project bir

Some circles in Izmir, N flamingosara touch ne and C Gediz Delta will end b with the discourse, 14 km to Bird Paradise, Ramsar area 1,5 km. away from Izmir Bay Crossing, Izmir is trying to confuse the head emphasizing Inciralt 2.Nesil Platform President Tayfun Karabulut, "Gediz deltasin protect and protect the project so far by the approval of this project, the reason for supporting the transition to the Gulf of Izmir," he said. Ministry of Transport and Communication Izmir Bay Transition Project in the EIA process in central Switzerland, RAMSAR (International Wetlands Protection Board) recalled Karabulut, continues; "Turkey has been a member of this year 1994 dry. The Gediz Delta is also protected by the Ramsar Convention. In our country today, 14 is protected by wetlands RAMSAR contract. Turkey in March 2017 WWF-Turkey as a result of research and studies that are responsible for Ramsar sites by deciding not to damage the transition of the Gulf of Izmir Gediz Delta, has given approval to the project. According to this result, we see that science is behind this project. If there is no Gulf Crossing, it is not the birds living in the city, but we will suffer. Içerisinde


Opened Turkey's longest previous years, the world's 4. The longest suspension bridge "Osman Gazi Bridge" near the lagoon of Hersek voicing the Hersek Karabulut, "the construction of the bridge in the lagoon of Hersek Lagoon and migration ways to prevent damage to the project was redesigned with a radius of two thousand meters were given. With this feature, it has taken its place among the structures showing the importance given to nature and biodiversity. We believe that the same sensitivity will be experienced in İzmir Bay Pass. İzmir


Karabulut pointed out that the Izmir Bay Crossing Project has a vital importance on behalf of Izmir and used the following statements; "Karşıyakafrom Balçova to 6 with two collars. At the same time, the İzmir Bay Crossing is no longer the luxury, but the need of İzmir, which will be used by all İzmir people by providing tramway connection with the railway line. İzmir Bay Crossing between the north and south sides of the city, providing transportation in a very short time without entering the city; The 31 km will reduce the coastal road to 12 km and the 55 km long ring road to 12 km. It will also ease the traffic by reducing the number of vehicles entering the city significantly. Gulf Passage will save fuel with environmental awareness as it will reduce the ı Exhaust Emission olan which is very important for the environment as well as saving us the time we cannot buy. ”


Karabulut emphasized that İzmir Gulf Crossing would be very suitable for Izmir with the health tourism oriented planning of İnciraltı.

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