Israel's Railway Plan to Connect Arab Countries Has Been Revealed

Yedioth Ahronoth, one of Israel's high circulation newspapers, claimed that the Tel Aviv administration plans to build a railroad that will link Israel with Jordan and some Arab countries.

In the news of the newspaper, with the introduction of an item, which included the allocation of 2019 million dollars for the line in question, to the 4,5 budget that managed to cross Israel in Jordan, and then to Iraq and Saudi Arabia, which included the XNUMX budget in the Knesset of the Israeli Parliament. It was claimed that start was given.

The newspaper also reported that the first part of the project consisted of the opening of the railway station in Bisan city, north of Israel, and transmission of the line from there to the Sheikh Hussein Border Gate on the Jordan border. Sharing the information that Israel has already shipped goods to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries through Jordan, the news stated that the railway line can be extended to Iraq and Saudi Arabia if they reach an agreement with Israel.

The length of the railway line on the borders of Israel will be 15 kilometers and will cover bridges and tunnels. The report said that both passengers and freight will be transported by rail.

It was announced that Israel, under the leadership of Binyamin Netanyahu, would open a commercial border gate in the Al-Celil region to transport the goods exported by the Gulf countries and Iraq through Israeli ports.

Among the Arab countries mentioned, only Jordan has a connection with Israel (in line with the agreement signed between the two states in 1994).

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