İsa Apaydın: Welcome New Year

İsa Apaydın
İsa Apaydın

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın'of raillife The article titled "Welcome New Year" was published in the January issue of the magazine.


Goodbye, 2017, welcome 2018 G

We left behind another year full of the railway sector, where the President of the Republic of Turkey's directives and the support of our government were mobilized.

We opened the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Silk Railway, which brought civilizations together.

In addition to our current lines, we continued our high-speed and high-speed rail works without snow and winter, day and night. We started the construction of Sivas-Erzincan high-speed railway between Sivas and Zara.

We laid the foundation of Konya YHT Gar and Kars and Konya (Kayacık) logistics centers. Kahramanmaraş (Türkoğlu) Logistics Center was opened to service.

We have continued to transform our existing lines into electrical and signaling.

Tepeköy-Selçuk opened its new railroad in İzmir and opened the İZBAN transportation network to 136 km. We started the GAZİRAY project in Gaziantep.

We have succeeded in realizing the National Freight Wagon, National Diesel Engine and National Scissor Carriage projects. We started E-5000 project of the first outline national electric locomotive.

and 2018…

As in the 2017, we will conduct a feverish work in 2018.

Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Railway will open the Konya YHT Gar and Erzurum Logistics Center.

This year, we will open the Başkentray and Etimesgut YHT Maintenance Complex, which will offer comfortable travel opportunities to the residents of Ankara.

We aim to complete the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway until the end of the year.

Gebze-Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci- in IstanbulHalkalı When the Suburban Line Improvement Project is completed by the end of the year, our High Speed ​​Trains going to Pendik HalkalıIt will be reached until.

In addition to the 10 YHT set, which continues the tender process, we will make another 96 YHT set auction and we will enlarge our YHT fleet.

World High Speed ​​Railway Congress, which will be presented in our country, will be held for the first time in our country this year.

I wish 2018 will be beneficial for our country and railways.

Have a nice trip İyi

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