Indispensable Name of Local and National Projects Bozankaya

Vehbi Konarılı, Provincial Director of Science Industry, has more than 800 employees in Ankara facilities and has been successful in domestic and national projects. Bozankayavisited.

Bozonkaya, which has an indoor area of ​​1 thousand square meters on 110 decares of land in ASO 70. OSB, was visited by Science Industry Provincial Director Vehbi Konarılı and Industry Branch Manager Binbaşar Karadeniz. Company officials toured the facilities in Konarılı and Karadeniz and gave information about production processes and products.

The company, which has more than 800 employees in Ankara facilities, has 104 engineers and 128 technicians and technicians. The R&D center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has been operating for more than 3 years, and the number of researchers working in the company's R&D center has reached 80. Bozankaya The R & D center is the owner of firsts in domestic and national projects with young engineers.

Within the scope of Bozonkaya Electric Commercial Vehicles and Rail Systems Production Center, a total of 5 R&D projects have been successfully completed in the last 6 years, 6 of which are publicly supported and 12 of which are self-funded R&D centers. While 6 publicly funded R&D projects continue, the evaluation processes of 6 R&D projects continue.


Bozonkaya also achieved great success in the commercialization of R&D projects, which is the biggest problem in the country. The company has sold over 5 million liras in 400 years. While 10 percent of the products were exported, all the remaining 90 percent produced the products to be imported.


The company first domestic product to R & D of products and market certain products in Turkey reached as follows:

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality received the results of the tender, which opened 22 Trambus 25 meters (double bellows, 3 modules of electric public transport vehicle) segment of the first domestic vehicles in Turkey. It has been running for 2 years without problems.

opened in Turkey in the field of electric buses until 5pm today the fifth of public procurement Bozankaya took. Vehicles developed and manufactured in Konya facilities for Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality and İzmir Metropolitan Municipalities have been operating for an average of more than 1 year. These tools feature that brings the first domestic electric buses are being used in Turkey. In addition, the tenders opened by Urfa Metropolitan and Elazig Municipalities are received by the company, and production and delivery is expected to start soon.

The first low-floor domestic tram project with 100 percent local design and production was made to Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and delivered to 31 units. A R&D project with a budget of $ 6 million received support from TTGV on the product in question. In the process of product development, 3 R&D projects, which are good examples of university-industry collaboration, were also approved to be supported by TÜBİTAK.

While electric buses are sold to the municipalities of Bonn, Bremen, Aachen and Hamburg in Germany, they are still used.


The company, which has collaborated with nearly 12 academicians from 20 universities to date, has recently focused on localization. In this context, within the scope of the localization study of the mechanical and electronic main subsystems and modules used in both electric buses and rail systems, 6 R&D activities started with equity in cooperation with universities and SMEs. Bozankaya, R & D projects with a total of approximately 86 million pounds R & D volume created.

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