High Speed ​​Train Set Will Be Purchased (Tender Canceled)

Buy High Speed ​​Train Set
General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD)
Tender Registration Number: 2017 / 575467
Project Name: 96 250 Km / H Speed ​​High Speed ​​Train (Yht) Set
Type of Procurement - Procedure: Procurement of Goods - Procurement Procedure
1 - Import
b) Telephone and fax number: 3123090515 - 3123091365
c) E-mail address: shi@tcdd.gov.tr
ç) The tender / prequalification document
Internet address: www.tcdd.gov.tr
2 - the subject of the procurement
a) Quality, type and quantity: -96 Qty.
- 30 pen spare material supply for different version YHT tools,
-2 (Two) Full-scale and Mobile YHT Simulator
-10 (Ten) Table Type Simulator and 2 pieces Trainer Control Station
-Production Production and Test Facility Installation
- Certification + Registration and Type Approval
-TOT + Technical Support -Manage Repair and Cleaning Service Reception Work.
b) Delivery Location: Local Production and Test Facility Installation will be done in Eskişehir and delivery place will be Ankara for the requested goods. The places where the requested services will be performed are detailed in the related specifications.
(20 Posts least% 10 imported manufactured complete with local contributions, 60 Posts least% 53 with domestic share in Turkey's land will show on TCDD Eskisehir / TÜLOMSAS manufactured in the plant will be installed, and the 16 Total national YHT project, including at least 74% with the domestic contribution to land in Turkey will show in Eskisehir TCDD / TÜLOMSAS will be manufactured at the plant will be installed.)
c) Delivery [dates / dates]: Appendix: 1 Notified in the project summary.
3- Tender / Prequalification /
Qualification Evaluation:
a) Place: TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall xnumx.kat - Altındağ, Hippodrome Anafartalar Caddesi No Quarter: 1 Gar-ANKARA / TURKEY
b) Date and time: 05.04.2018 - 10: 00



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