Transport Officer-You 6. The Ordinary General Assembly was Held

Transport Officer-Sen General President Can Cankesen in his speech drew attention to the importance of the work of members for the continuation of the gains.

Transport Officer-You 6. The Ordinary General Assembly was held in Ankara. Addressing the General Assembly, Officer-Sen General Manager Ali Yalçın said, eden Our Transportation Officer-Sen's 6. I am honored to be your partner in the general meeting of the union. I would like to express my gratitude to Can Cankesen, the chairman of the Memorandum of Transport, and to the management, all the organizational units, the pioneer leaders and members. Yönetim He wished that the General Assembly be instrumental in the speeches.

Transport Officer-You 6. The Ordinary General Assembly was held in Ankara. General Assembly, Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın, Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen, Honorary Chairman of Memur-Sen and Ahmet Gundogdu, Head of Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Destici, Deputy Chairman of Felicity Party Atik Agdag, Officer- You are the Vice President and Chairman of the Energy Bir-Sen Hacı Bayram Tonbul, Deputy Chairman of the Memur-Sen Mehmet Emin Esen, Culture Officer-Sen Chairman Mecit Erdoğan, Chairman of the Bureau Memur-Sen Vecdi Yanbaz, Chairman of the Bayındır Officer-Sen Soner Can Tufanoğlu, Toç Bir-Sen Chairman Hüseyin Öztürk, members of the trade unions, representatives of workplaces and many organizations attended the event.

Yalçın, recalling the collective bargaining agreements, has a chronic problem with other unions in the Transportation service branch, such as not being able to reach this point of our Transport Officer-Sen. Because they are the architects of values ​​unionism, the only representative of service unionism, the unrivaled summit of academic trade unionism; Akif Inan unionism, Officer-Sen's union of union, Ak he said.

Yalçın touched upon the acquisition of Aviation Claims, thanking his friends who played an active role in this process and emphasized that this is an example for unionism. Yalçın, diy As a trade unionist who is closely acquainted with the process of acquiring the Aviation Compensation, who is familiar with the joint efforts of the Chairman, the members of the board of directors, the branch president and the members of the entire Transportation Officer-Sen family; Those who wonder how the trade union is entitled, how the unionists print the proposals to the winnings, the Aviation Compensation that some bureaucrats are trying to push out of the table, 4. In the period collective bargaining process, we will examine how Officer-Sen brought Transport Officer-Sen into the center of the table and turned it into a gain. Dönem

Yalçın stated that they had higher expectations than Transport Officer-Sen during the new general meeting which will start from today and that they are waiting for a vision in reaching the higher targets. Yalcin, "Turkey's transport policies that enhance, alter the course of their facilities, high-speed railway, airline brands in the world, which leads us to the title of pioneers in this hall; In unionism, we should increase our production speed and take responsibility to introduce our brand to the world. send

Emphasizing that they will raise their voices against injustice and injustice in the world, Yalçın said, ç Trade unionism requires being conscious and willing to fight against the employer together. Trade union struggle, as well as entering into our minds are imposed on our minds, oppressing the pressure and the prohibition to see as a responsibility. That's exactly what we're doing. We have to spread the consciousness that we are surrounded by when we complete the custody, and now we have to spread the resistance to the global ground ir.

Can Cankesen, the head of Transport Officer-Sen, in his opening speech, wished that the General Assembly will be instrumental in the beginning of a stronger working period. Referring to the acquisition of aviation compensation, Cankesen thanked Ali Yalcin for his efforts. Addressing the organization for the continuation of the gains, Cankesen pointed out the importance of the work of the members.

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