Free Shuttle for Guests Coming to Kars with the Dogu Express

📩 20/12/2018 17:33

In addition to the free shuttle service made to Çıldır Lake with the instructions of the Mayor of Kars, Mr. Murtaza KARAÇANTA, free shuttle buses came to the train station to pick up the guests coming to Kars with the Eastern Express.

The free shuttle bus of Kars Municipality will wait in front of the train station service building at 18.30 to pick up passengers from outside the province.

With the guests coming to visit Kars, they will take the free shuttle vehicle allocated by the municipality and take the city tour and leave them to the places they want to stay in Kars Center.

President Karaçanta; Our goal here is to show how hospitable Kars is to local and foreign tourists who come to Kars, and at the same time, the land of legends, home to historical civilizations and a city of loneliness, 40-odd bastions, historical inns, baths, dazzling texture with its unique architecture, saints. and Sultan Alparslan, who is a bed of poets, who took Ani, one of the most sacred of the martyrs, Ebul Hasan Harakan-i Hz. Poets Şahı Aşık Şenlik To explain the father and the tourism paradise Çıldır Lake and Sarıkamış.

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