Forest Engineer Sertok: "Canal Istanbul Will Carry Dirty Air"

Speaking about Kanal Istanbul's project, Forest Engineer Besim Sertok said, “The living life will be greatly damaged”.

The route of the "Kanal Istanbul" project, which was announced in 2011 and called the "crazy project" in public, was announced to be connected from Küçükçekmece to Başakşehir and from Arnavutköy to the Black Sea. With the project, it ruins the structure of Küçükçekmece Lake, which includes the most important endemic species of Istanbul, but in the basin BC. The Ancient City of Bathonea, which contains the remains of 2 thousand years, will also be destroyed.

On the other hand, while Sazlıdere Dam, which is the important drinking water source of Istanbul, is completely inside the canal, Terkos (Durusu) Lake, which is the biggest drinking water source, will face the risk of losing its physical and chemical properties as it passes near the canal. The project, which will increase the existing water shortage in Istanbul, will hit the Northern Forests, the lungs of Istanbul. Expressing that they technically have concerns about the feasibility of the "Kanal Istanbul" project, Forest Engineer Besim Sertok emphasized that if this project is completed, it will harm the life of Siberia and Africa.


Stating that a number of policies have been implemented in the north of Istanbul for a few years now, 10 said, üs The relative impact is weaker when you consider only one of the projects that can be increased, such as the 3 bridge and the ring roads, the 3 airport and Canal Istanbul. But we have to take this into account when it comes to nature and ecological impact. With the effect of one of these 3 projects, the effect of 3 is not doubled to 3. So like in math, it's a plus, not two. 3 is a solid effect when 33 is solid. Because the systems we call ecosystems are not mechanical systems. When you break up a natural whole like a baklava slice, you're breaking it up. Siz


Transferring 3 and a half kilometers between Terkos Lake and the 2rd airport, which provides about a quarter of Istanbul's drinking water, Sertok said: “Canal Istanbul will pass between these two places. When you pass a 100-150 meter wide canal, it will roughly pass 1 kilometer from Terkos Lake. Saltwater will pass through this channel. Since brine density is high, there is always a tendency to take the density of fresh water. Leakage in the salt water channel will make the water in Terkos Lake non-drinking. Salt water leaking from the canal will also convert many water sources used in agricultural areas in Thrace to salt water. ”


Sertok stated that most of the winds were blowing from the Black Sea during the year. Ya Therefore, after passing the Black Sea from Siberia, they transfer fresh air from the forests in the north. This is why Istanbul is still breathing. When you destroy the forests, pastures and wildlife here, the exhaust effect like the highway, airport with polluting effects will increase. When you turn them into a source of pollution, the forests in the north will begin to carry a dirty air, not clean and cool air to Istanbul, as it used to be. Bur Noting that Istanbul is located on important bird migration routes, he said, ay In March and April, the sheer nature of these birds becomes white. You can't believe it when you see the crowd. So here is the destruction of not only Turkey, Siberia and will affect the wildlife in Africa, "he said.

Stating that “Kanal Istanbul” will reach 100 meters in places, Sertok said, “Let the earthquake stop, you are already breaking the balance in the geological layers that have formed over millions of years. It is also a fact that when the effect of the earthquake factor is added to this, it will increase the risk. ” Touching on the conflicting statements of the government in recent years, Sertok said: “They actually use earthquake risk as a reason to revive the construction industry. They see a place as a rent zone, and they declare it an earthquake risk zone. When the government carries Gemlik, on the other hand, when we look at the construction of Kanal İstanbul in Istanbul, it comes to our mind that the people asked the camel why the neck is crooked and where is the truth. Actually, we have to move Istanbul as well. ”

Source: Muhammet DOĞRU -

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