Erzurum Train Stations

On the way from Ankara to Kars, the Eastern Express passengers who took a break in Erzurum enjoyed the snow. Citizens who knew the opportunity to snow in Erzurum Train Station made plenty of photos and videos, making the moment unforgettable.

With the Eastern Express, which became popular with the influence of social media in recent days, the passengers who had the most busy days in the history of Erzurum experienced an opportunity to enjoy the snow. There was a great snow view at the train station where snow was going on.

On the way from Ankara to Kars, Eastern Express passengers who had a break in Erzurum enjoyed the snow. Erzurum Train Stations in the snow of the citizens who know the opportunity to take photos and videos by making the moment unforgettable. Eastern Express passengers, who evaluated the approximate 45 break time, enjoyed the insatiable snow. In some children, they had a joyful moment by making a snowman, rolling in the snow.

Erzurum, wearing a white wedding dress, still more beautiful that the citizens who come, "Snow in Erzurum is beautiful," they said.



Günceleme: 20/12/2018 17:18

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