EGO Bus Flights from Polatlıdan to Ümitköy Metro started

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of EGO, Polatlı-Ümitköy Metro Station 31 January bus services are starting from Wednesday.

528 will be operated between 2 and Polatlı-Ümitköy Metro Station.

General Manager of EGO Balamir Gündoğdu said that they have accelerated the works that expand the public transportation network as well as a number of innovations in public transport services.

Considering the increase in population in Polatlı District, Gündoğdu stated that a new bus line was put into service in order to provide more efficient and efficient transportation service, and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. On the 7 day of the week on the instructions of Mustafa Tuna, the EGO buses will travel to Polatlı.


EGO will make 528 flights on weekdays and on Saturday with bus number 4. Citizens from Polatli: 06.00, 06.45,17.00 and 18.00, Ümitköy Metro Station 08.15, 09.00, 18.45 and 19.30 hours will be able to travel.

On Sundays, 2 will be organized. Polatlı 08.30-19.30, Ümitköy Metro Station 07.00-18.00 hours will be a bus.


The routes of Polatlı-Ümitköy Metro Station no. 528 will be as follows:

From Polatlı to Ümitköy Metro Station; Refik Cesur Street, Ankara Street, Inonu Street, Ataturk Street, Gordion Street, Haci Bayram Veli Boulevard, Eskisehir Highway, Umitkoy Metro Station.

From Ümitköy to Polatlı direction; Ümitköy Metro Station, Eskişehir Highway, Hacı Bayram Veli Boulevard, Refik Cesur Street, İnönü Avenue, Atatürk Street, Gordion Boulevard, Eti Street, Hacı Bayram Veli Boulevard.


For many years, waiting for the launch of a bus expedition to the districts of the citizens who are happy with the decision to pay the fees of the citizens were determined. While the full ticket will be 7 TL, the student ticket will also be applied as 3 penny in the 75 lira. Line users can also benefit from free transfer within 90 minutes.

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