Domestic Production Workshop in Rail System Vehicles

20 21 2017 11 12 2018 XNUMX The second session of the working group meeting of the Specialization Commission on Local Production in Rail System Vehicles was held in Ankara on January XNUMX with the participation of all public and private sector representatives in the sector. Deputy General Manager Celaleddin Bayrakçıl and ÜPK Head of Department Mustafa Yurtseven attended the meeting.

11.Kalkın Plan organized under the "Rail System Domestic Production Working Group on Instruments' high-speed train in Turkey with the Meeting, electric train sets, electric locomotives, subway, with light rail and tram vehicles such as the original design and local content to be produced so that the maximum level A road map is intended to be created for.

During the “Domestic Production Working Group on Rail System Vehicles” Meetings; production capacities and competencies of domestic companies, current outlook of TCDD and its subsidiaries, determination of critical parts and sub-systems and examination of the current production situation in our country, examination of R&D projects carried out for domestic and national production studies, examination of rail system vehicles production industry at global level, Examples of countries that have realized technology transfer in rail system vehicles, examining the strategies of countries that have the ability to produce their own unique rail system vehicles with technology transfer and road map, especially the road map of our country, have been evaluated.

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