Dogan Bey's electricity generation license expired

Black Sea Powership Dogan Bey, the first of the floating energy ship fleet of Karadeniz Holding, ended its electricity generation license.

The 'First Energy Ship' (powership) of the World, built by the Karadeniz Energy Group within the Black Sea Holding, and the electricity generation license of the 'Black Sea Powership Doğan Bey' with a Power of 126 MW has been terminated. The Energy Market Regulatory Board has terminated the electricity generation license dated 13/04/2017 and numbered EÜ / 7032/03663 by Karadeniz Powership Doğan Bey, which is operated by Karkey Karadeniz Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., within the framework of the provisions of the Electricity Market License Regulation. .

Black Sea Powership Doğan Bey, which is one of the two ships they built to meet the electricity needs in the Basra region of Iraq, was completed in 2 and was sent off to Iraq.

The Black Sea Energy Group, which started the design and production of “Powership” in 2009 to form the world's first floating energy ship fleet, aims to increase its installed power from 15 energy ships to more than 3,000 MW to 18 MW with 8,300 ships in the coming period. .

'Karadeniz Powership Doğan Bey' had anchored in front of the Yenikapı shed in order to provide electricity even due to the interruption in the city electricity network, which Marmaray received from the city power plant in Eminönü Region last April.

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