Disaster Housing in Malatya Wagon Repair Factory

Turkish Red Crescent will produce disaster shelter systems in the “Wagon Repair Factory”, which was established 29 years ago in Malatya but has never been used.

Turkish Red Crescent will produce disaster shelter systems by investing 1989 million dollars in the Turkish Railcar Repair Factory, which was established in Malatya in 20 but has never been used. The factory, which belongs to Sümer Holding A.Ş. in Malatya and was built on an area of ​​1989 thousand square meters in 52, has never been used until now. The idle factory will become a Disaster Housing Systems Factory by the Turkish Red Crescent.

The factory's economy kazanThe Turkish Red Crescent aims to meet the needs of other aid organizations around the world regarding disaster shelter systems. In his statements to reporters, Turkish Red Crescent Malatya Branch President Umut Yalçın stated that Turkish Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık came to the city to conduct research in order to transform the idle factory into a Disaster Shelter Systems Factory.

System Exports to be Provided

Stating that the official process continues to turn the idle factory into Disaster Housing Systems Factory, Yalçın pointed out that the enterprise will be turned into the world's largest Disaster Housing Systems Factory by the Turkish Red Crescent. Factory prefabricated structure and Yalçın states will become a factory producing container, so that not only the needs of Turkey, at the international as well as the Red Crescent and Red Cross organizations of the need for other international organizations such as the UN pointed out that meeting. Yalçın emphasized that organizations abroad will also purchase from this factory and export will be made from Malatya in this way.

Stating that now the container is used instead of tents in natural disasters, Yalçın said that they are considering establishing shelter accommodation centers with modern, safe and permanent containers instead of tents. Yalçın informed that there will be different buildings such as places of worship and class in these regions and stated that they aim to become a factory which can meet the needs of the private sector in the future.

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