President Yapınca Considered Trabzon Erzincan Railway Workshop

Necmi Yapınca, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erzincan Commodity Exchange, spoke about the workshop of the Trabzon Erzincan Railway and Logistics Center on 16 January 2018.

President of the President, first brought to our stock market with the support of the Governor of our support 16 January 2018 We have done on the logistic Center Thank you very much for your interest in the workshop. After completing this workshop, we are now working on the result declarations. We will inform the public about what we can do on this subject and what will bring a big logistic trade center in our Erzincan highway especially after Trabzon Erzincan highway. We will carry this issue to the agenda of our Prime Minister together with our guests who are especially involved in this program. From the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, at least in the period of the Prime Ministry to take action at the beginning of the construction of the construction of the Trabzon Erzincan Railway at the point of at least the necessary work will be done.

Logistics Center brings to our city, what does Trabzon Erzincan Railway bring to our city. We have considered very serious materials in our studies related to this subject. But again at least you are what we gain through this issue to our city. I would like to share at least the people who live in Erzincan. Seeing the Logistics Center in Erzincan is a very serious mistake. Logistics Center is not only the Logistics Center but it is the free zone of Trabzon Port. When we look at the location of the city of Trabzon, as a place, there is a shortage of space. We're not just going to do the Logistics Center here.

We want to be a center where Trabzon Port is an art region, a free zone is brought to the port of Trabzon and it is brought here. In the public opinion, such a misunderstanding here, companies will come and use it as a storage area, will bring their products and distribute them from there if we see the framework. This can be opened to the use of all the companies that use the port of export and reproduction of the port of Trabzon; As İsmail Yücel, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, who honors us with his presence in the program, especially on that day, we bring the customs clearance activities and the logistic trade center where all the units where the customs services are provided together.

Dear Governor is saying that we are moving towards a very fast result in the program and 13 In February, there are programs of our Prime Minister in our city. 13 We will solve the subject matter of the Customs Trade Logistics Center in February. Our ground preparation works are ongoing. Hopefully, we expect the foundation of the activities related to the Customs Trade Logistics Center in the year 2018 and start the activities. Again on that day, we brought up the issue of licensed warehousing and we will have very serious work in the following years. In the following years, we will have started the Licensed Warehousing company as our stock market. Olarak

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