Dili bus driver who dies in the throat brought to life

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which makes the city transportation in the transportation bus, human life did not die an event that makes me say. Hayrettin Şahin, the driver of the Hereke - Umuttepe route, came to the rescue of the couple who had fled to the throat of their babies. Hayrettin Sahin stopped the vehicle, the tiny Omar Asaf baby's tongue out of the throat first aid intervention found. The hero driver returned to life by giving artificial respiration to the ambulance. Hero driver was hosted by President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu in his office.


In the early hours of the new year, there was a sad and gratifying event in Kocaeli. Fatma-Sercan Şiner couple realized that their babies did not move when they were going to Umuttepe in the Transportation Bus bus. At one moment, the panicked couple threw up cries of help. In a panic state, Hayrettin Şahin, the driver of the couple who cried for the couple who held their babies, immediately pulled over the car. The driver who came to the couple noticed that the baby was not breathing. After giving the baby a heart massage to breathe again, the Hero Driver, then noticed that the baby's tongue fled to the throat. First aid intervention with the language of his throat the driver then extends her baby to a comfortable place to make artificial respiration began. Hayrettin Şahin, who struggled for the baby to breathe for a long time, took a sigh of relief when he saw that the baby was breathing and moving. The couple who fainted during the intervention of the heroic driver to the baby, the baby was opened to tears with the eyes opened. Omar Asaf was taken to the hospital by ambulance, which was later called to the scene for control purposes.


Omar Asaf was taken to hospital for control by ambulance survived the vital danger. Hero driver Hayrettin Sahin; . I heard a scream while traveling between the bus and Hereke-Umuttepe. At first I thought I had a fight. Then when I heard the same cry again, I stopped and stopped the bus. I came up with the first aid trainings I took before I got up and went to the baby. We had previously received fire brigade and first aid trainings for bus drivers for emergency situations. When I went to the baby, I saw the parents panic, the baby was inactive. I began to practice the first aid trainings I received, keeping my composure. The baby didn't breathe. After heart massage, the baby began to breathe. Meanwhile, he swallowed his tongue. I pulled my baby's tongue back and let him breathe again. He bit my finger when he started breathing. Then he opened his eyes to meet the baby. I'm so glad I helped him breathe again with first aid. His parents were delighted to see that too. I'm so glad I was involved in such a beautiful event. May Allah give the baby a long life. God willing, his mother would be a favorable son to his homeland ine he said.


Kocaeli Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the first aid intervention to the tiny baby to the driver who resurrected the guest Hayrettin Sahin was hosted in his office. Mayor Karaosmanoğlu, who congratulated the driver for his exemplary behavior with the driver, said, lüğü the bus driver is not only carrying the bus that he uses from one place to another. As Metropolitan Municipality, we take care of all our staff to receive first aid and fire brigade training. The driver is responsible for the lives of all passengers. Hayrettin friend, by applying the trainings of a baby's life showed us this once again showed. We do not frustrate our friends' efforts and give him a salary bonus. Boş he said.

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