MOTAŞ personnel from the branch of olive branch blood support

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services Motaş AŞ. staff donated blood to support the Ol Olive Branch Operation temizle carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in order to cleanse the terrorist elements, particularly the YPG and PKK, in Afrin.

Mr. Mehmet Hanifi Altuntaş, who made a statement on behalf of the staff of MOTAŞ who donated blood to the Red Crescent before his visit to the Head of the Malatya Asker Regional Office for Alma, stated that they had acted to support the donation of blood by the personnel working at the institution and by making a visit to the Presidency of Military Recruitment. ; Uz In Afrin, we donate blood by saying that we are needed for our soldiers who struggle with their lives and blood in order to eliminate the attacks against our homeland and stop the harassment shots. We want all our citizens to be sensitive about this issue. Mehmetçiklerimiz to support in all matters, "he said.

”We Gave Our Blood

Afterwards, the staff of MOTAŞ made a brief statement to the press by emphasizing that they are always ready to defend the homeland by going to Malatya Military Regional President of Alma. Eyüp Aslan, one of the bus drivers who speaks for the personnel, stated that they gave a big fight in Malatya against the traitors who attacked the indivisible unity of the country in 15 July treacherous coup attempt. In 15 2 in Malatya against FETÖ terrorist organization in July. All the roads to the Army route were closed by our bus with the call of the Commander-in-Chief Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the order of our President Ahmet Çakır. Again from Erhaç Military Airport, we blocked the runways with buses to prevent the bombs from being lifted. For many days we have been lying in the bus and we have struggled so that the traitors do not reach their ambitions. Today, with the spirit of 15 July, we want to state that we are ready for all kinds of missions of our Turkish Armed Forces who are fighting against the indivisible unity of our homeland and against the terrorist groups and their advocates. We have donated blood to our friends with the Red Crescent Blood Center saying that we may need our Mehmetçiğimiz. We gave our blood, and now we're here to give our lives. We'll be eye-catching the eyes of this motherland Biz.



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