From the President to the Railway Station

Sandaıklı Mayor Mustafa Çalan gave the good news that the speed train station will be made to Sandıklı by heading 3 from the social media account towards the evening hours.

The Chairman of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, who has contributed to the work of President Sandıklımıza High Speed ​​Railway Station. Veysel did not forget to thank Eroğlu.

. Our High Speed ​​Train Station SANDIKLIMIZA Be Good.

As a result of our intense efforts and efforts, we have gained a speed train station to our thermal district and hot springs. It is now becoming more comfortable to reach Antalya from the direction of Istanbul-Ankara-Bursa-Eskişehir.

We will be able to provide transportation from our high speed train station to be established in our hotels and greenhouses. We have provided a great station to use in our districts.

As Sandıklı Municipality, we have signed the century-old project and thanks to us, we have been granted the approval. Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof.Dr. I would like to express my gratitude to Veysel EROĞLU on behalf of my district and the person. Good District to Be Good RO sel

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