Barış Yarkadaş: "The People of Istanbul are in Danger Due to the Metro"

Yarkadaş: “Pay attention to TMMOB's warnings. You do not have the right to cause disaster in Istanbul. The people of Istanbul will pay 3 billion more! Who will compensate this damage? "

Following the resignation of Kadir Topbas, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality recently announced that it canceled the tender for 6 metro line.

Kaynarca-Pendik-Tuzla, Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe, Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli, Kirazlı-Halkalı, Basaksehir-Kayasehir and Mahmutbey-Bahcesehir subway lines were canceled 29 December 2017'de sent a letter to the relevant companies.

In the statement, lar the tenders have been canceled in order for the metro lines to be extended and re-projected and made more economically and faster. Thus, the 76,9 project with a total length of 6 km has not been canceled and the metro investments will be expanded in accordance with the thousand kilometers target for a fundamental solution to the transportation of Istanbul. Böylece

CHP Istanbul deputy Barış Yarkadaş said, “Successor - Salaf accuses him of corruption. CHP municipalities will ask the account of those who spike. CH

Chamber of Mining Engineers, the subway lines, evaluating the description of Yarkadas CHP also continued as follows:


“The Chamber of Mining Engineers says about these lines, 'If the tunnels are left as they are, there will be damage to the surface or structures and the risk of collapse'. Environmental safety must be ensured, since the construction sites that are stopped or closed are located in living areas. In addition, I am very curious who will come out with the additional cost that will come out of such a situation.

Will the deposed president Kadir Topbaş pay this damage, or will Mevlüt Uysal be the appointed officer? Of course not neither… Weird as always - they will burden the damage on the back of the fugitive. ”


Yarkadaş stated that the cancellation of the contracts by the cancellation of the contract for the second time has been damaged and continued as follows:

Var Look, there are things going on. Accordingly, companies have invested, machinery, equipment provided. You're stopping them, and you're creating a public damage here. Moreover, this loss corresponds to a figure above 1 billion liras.

That is, the new president shares with the public the cancellation of the former president's corruption in the tenders, the misconduct to the tender, the fact that he condoned the public damage and used the mission. It's covered. Where are our prosecutors? I wonder what to expect to move

Clearly the new president says; these tenders were made to cheaper numbers. But it was tendered for a much higher price, could be done under more economic conditions, but it was not done and the public was damaged. Now there is a more tragicomic situation. These companies will sue tomorrow and demand the damage suffered. It is also stated that the cost will be close to 2 billion. Those who betrayed Istanbul and those responsible for it are obvious. 3 will pay the nation a lot of time and a waste of time. N

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