AYM Rejects the Channel Istanbul Application of CHP Deputies

CHP members, who argued that the Kanal Istanbul project would cause environmental disasters in Thrace and Istanbul, requested the cancellation of the definition of "waterway" added to the Zoning Law.

"Crazy project: Kanal Istanbul", which has been spoken since 2011, comes to life. The route has been determined. The first pickaxe was hit within the scope of drilling works.

There was another development regarding the project. In 2016, the definition of "waterway" was added for Kanal Istanbul to the Development Law.

The Constitutional Court (AYM) rejected the application of 125 deputies led by the CHP Group Deputy Chairpersons Engin Altay and Özgür Özel, demanding the cancellation of some articles that define the route of Kanal Istanbul as the "waterway" and to stop their enforcement.

In the decision published in the Official Gazette, the Constitutional Court reminded that the ecosystem in Thrace will deteriorate and that there will be an urban disaster in Istanbul.

Project area, Arnavutköy (28,6 km) Küçükçekmece (7 km), Başakşehir (6,5 km) and Avcılar (3,1 km) within the boundaries of the district.

While the Supreme Court rejected the application “unanimously”, it stated that “the authority to define the waterway and determine its elements belongs to the legislator; He stated that granting a legal status to waterways is not against the public interest ”.

The AYM added that there was no obstacle to filing a lawsuit before the administrative judicial authorities, demanding the cancellation of the zoning plan claiming that the "waterway" is against the principles of planning and urban planning.

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