Aydin, Double-Line Rail to Jump through the Age of Transportation

The route project was created in 2014 'Alsancak-Egirdir Line between Aydın-Denizli II. While the works for the Line Railway Project have gained momentum again, the project will be completed in 2023, and it is foreseen that 3 million passenger transport will be annually.

General Directorate of State Railways, 3. The project, which is the responsibility of the Regional Directorate, aims to ensure the uninterrupted, comfortable and fast transportation of the existing railway line between the provinces of Aydın and Denizli, which are operated as a single line, even on the double line.


The railway line, whose technical details are known, will be built with a design suitable for high speed train passes, with a speed of 110 kilometers per hour for freight trains and 160 kilometers per hour for passenger trains. The project corridor will start from Aydın Station, pass through Umurlu, Köşk, Sultanhisar, Atça, Nazilli, Kuyucak, Horsunlu, Buharkent, Sarayköy and Goncalı stations, and end at Denizli Station with Müselles line. The project, which is planned to employ 350 people in the construction, is reported to have not been tendered for the construction operations as the survey and engineering services are still ongoing, while the construction activities are planned to be completed in about 5 years.


In addition to the engineering studies, the expropriation and necessary permits will be obtained by the end of this year, and according to the projected schedule, infrastructure construction and route soil operations in 2019-2020 years; 2021-2023 years, art structures, superstructure construction, material supply, rail connections, electrification and signalization will be done. The transition to testing and processing in the project will take place in the last months of 2023. 2023 staff will be employed on the day of the project planned to be completed in 100, and the number of passengers to travel per day will be over 8 per thousand.


Aydin Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization "Environmental Impact Assessment is not required" decision about the project, speaking AK Party Central Decision Board of Directors (MKYK) Member and AK Party Aydin Deputy Mustafa War, "President and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim With the vision of the AK Party that reached the era of transportation to our country, one of the 2023 targets is to develop the conventional railway network and 4 to make a thousand kilometers. In line with this target, the existing railway between Selçuk-Aydın-Denizli is planned to be double-lined. Aydın-Denizli Project is also a part of 183. stage. With the completion of the project, which will start construction of the infrastructure after the expropriation and the necessary permits, Aydınlı citizens will have an uninterrupted and comfortable transportation with Denizli. Kamu

“Let's get our moonlight“

AK Party President Erdoğan thanked the President and AK Party Chairman Erdoğan, Prime Minister Yıldırım, Transportation and Maritime Affairs Minister Ahmet Arslan for their support of the launching of the project and said, Ulaştırma We have fulfilled our part in starting a project we have promised. We are happy. As the AKP MPs of the AK Party, we follow the process before the ministry and the related institutions for the realization of the double track railway project. The process runs within the scheduled calendar. With the Aydın-Denizli Motorway which is included in the investment plan, the removal of the railway line by double line will be the source of the quality and quality that Aydın deserves in transportation. Good luck to our intellect. Aydın

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