Minister Arslan: "Başkentray will end at the end of February"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan answered Gökhan Gökçe's questions about the agenda at TRT Haber.

"Truck" Polemic in Parliament

The tolls given by CHP do not reflect the truth. Motorway fee 38 lira 75 kuruş, bridge fee arrival and departure 30 lira in total 60 lira friends said it 82 lira, valid for these trucks. If you bring the truck into the agenda, you will be wrong. We do not need any of these polemics, we are making these roads for our truckers, employees, truck owners and passengers to be comfortable.

Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications projects:

NEW xnumx.havalim

Now we have reached 78 percent, we plan to open it on the foundation anniversary of the Republic. We will land on the runway in February. When this place is opened, Atatürk Airport will be completely moved here. 200 million passengers will be served annually at the airport. This will be a place to breathe in Istanbul, we will put it into service in its current form.

Transportation to 3.

The airport can be reached with 5 separate connections. Our subway works have started from Gayrettepe to the Airport.

Road Transport Regulation

Our goal is to create a balanced structure, to provide accurate and quality service, we have done it. As a result of our evaluations and the demands of the sector, we felt the need to innovate.

There is an 10 age limit for vehicles carrying international cargo and passengers. There was an 63 age limit for our drivers; Each year we have to take a certain hour of safe driving training. The receiving time of the SRC certificate was taking up to 65 months. 1,5 pounds were paid to the 40 pound. E-Government operations over the 20 takes minutes. The citizen does not need to carry the document with him, it is a great convenience that law enforcement officials are required to give the identification number during his inspection.

New regulation in e-Government application

This year all transactions in public institutions can be done via e-Government.

Channel Istanbul

5 Alternative was studied and the works were completed. We will share with the public within a few days. We will solve the building around Kanal Istanbul with urban transformation.

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

We did two things by activating, truckers could not enter the city, we eliminated it, but the distance was prolonged, but when the trucks entered the city, it stopped and made carbon dioxide emissions. The bridges crossed by the 2.5 hour can be passed in less time, less stop is being made. The average 110 thousand vehicles are passing by the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge these are very important figures.

Osman Gazi Bridge

Osman Gazi bridge is over in a tunnel and viaduct from Bursa to Izmir, Bornova, we will complete it all next year. The Izmir gulf crossing comes first with a bridge, we create an artificial island. We will cross the Izmir gulf and relax the traffic in Izmir. The project is ready, we will tender this year with build-operate-transfer.

3 large Istanbul project

We have finished all our work based on the data modeling. We're going to put the rail systems downstairs, we're going to go for the top two floor cars.


We are making an important 150 km new line for Istanbul, Ankara and Ankara.

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