Minister Arslan saw the last train of the year at ATG

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan visited the Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station (ATG) on the last day of 2017. Arslan, after celebrating the new year of passengers and staff, ordered to move to the Ankara-Konya high-speed train moving from Gar.

Minister of State General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) İsa ApaydınGeneral Manager Veysi Kurt, TCDD Forwarding Inc., TCDD Transport Inc. Deputy General Managers Mehmet Uras and Çetin Altun, with a large number of head of the department TCDD and TCDD Transportation Inc. employees.

Celebrating the new year of the individual passengers and train staff by entering the last high-speed train of the 2017 from the ATG, Arslan ordered to move on to the train later.

After the farewell to the last train, Minister Arslan visited the Traffic Control Center where the traffic of the YHTs and conventional trains was checked. Celebrating the new year of employees at the center, Arslan received information on how to make train traffic from traffic controls.

In his press statement to the press members at the center, Arslan said, ına It would be a peaceful year for the world. We pray our Lord a good year. It is true to pray to our Lord, but we must demonstrate our efforts as a servant. Of course, this is the 80 million. Of course, we also say to the rulers of the world that for humanity, the world peace, brotherhood and peace to prioritize your own interests do not assume others to destroy. Don't assume that there is no one in Arakan, in Somalia, in Syria. Every person is important; people should not look at the race, the language, the religion, the region they live in. insanlar

In the 2018 year, Etimesgut YHT Gar Complex, Konya YHT Railway Station, Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Railway (HT) Railway, Erzurum, Kars, Mersin and Konya Logistics Centers, including Başkentray, Halkalı-Gebze commuter line to finish, Ankara-Sivas YHT railway line to finish and the test phase, Sivas-Samsun railway line signaling and electrical work to finish the work of voicing Arslan, currently 1870 km YHT line, 1290 km HT line, 893 km conventional line said that the construction of the railway is still over 4000 km.

Arslan said that they are planning to buy many high speed train sets in 2018 year and that they give importance to nationality and localization in the tender to be made for the purchase of the set. Arslan also stated that the construction of two train ferries, which will serve in Lake Van, is continuing, one of them is in the testing phase and they are both aiming to be put into service within 2018.

2017 million in the 7, 14 million with conventional trains, and 63 million, including 84 million with Marmaray transfers the lion transfer, a total of 28.5 million tons of cargo handled by achieving an important success stressed.

YHT'nin since the date of the total 39 km, has served approximately 37 million passengers, 350 thousand disabled, veterans and martyrs near the YHT said that the transport, 29 October 2016 on the day of the ATG's opening about 13 thousand 500 14 5 million people per month 300 a thousand people underlined the service.

When he asked a press question about the Eastern Express, Arslan said: uğu The interest in the Eastern Express is pleasing us. We renewed our lines to the border of Armenia, our wagons were modern and comfortable. The interest in Kars has increased with the entry of the Ani Ruins to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. In the past, tourists had shortage of accommodation, and now the opening of facilities serving tourists, including five-star hotels, increases interest in the Eastern Express when visitors to Kars tell us about their comfortable travel and what they see. This makes us very satisfied. Bu

Arslan, who gave information about the number of wagons on the Eastern Express and the wagons allocated to tourism agencies, said, “Our trains consist of 9 wagons, one locomotive. One is a generator, one is a dining wagon, and a wagon has staff and equipment, there is a bed, a couchette and four pulman wagons. We are currently serving with 4 or 5 beds, 2 or 3 couchettes and 4 pulman wagons. As soon as the tickets are available for sale electronically, they receive their tickets or make a reservation within a few seconds. Especially tour agencies also offer package programs including accommodation, return and meals. They also travel in groups. Those who go with them are also very pleased. We assign them separate wagons. The demands of the agencies and the added wagons are different, the wagons used by our passengers are different. There is a perception that 'agencies are closing it, we cannot find a place', no. There is so much extraordinary interest. Even in the environment where we take a wagon to 4 or 5, our people may not find a place. We will continue to add wagons. This interest makes us happy, and our citizens are also satisfied. It is our pleasure that our people prefer to travel by rail and train again. Our nation has reinvented the train, and we continue to work day and night to provide them with comfortable travel. "

At the end of the press release, TCDD and TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager and staff for their services to thank them for the services they will work to expand the railway network day and night and said everyone wished to have a good year.

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