Antalya Ropeways 2017 350 thousand people to the peak

Tünektepe Teleferik, which was brought to the city by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality by realizing a dream of 30, carried the 2017 thousand visitors to the top in 350. The ropeway became one of the new attraction centers of Antalya.

Gün Your feet will be cut off the ground sayı offered to the slogan of the cable car from the day of the opening of the local foreign visitors flocked. Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel'ın Antalya's 30 annual dream of the Tünektepe Teleferik, 2017 in the year 350 thousand people moved to the top. 36 cabins can be transported by 1200 per hour. Approx. 9 can reach Tünektepe at an altitude of 605 meters per minute.

The Tünektepe Cable Car Project, the new attraction center of Antalya, came into service in February last year and the project, which was the dream of many years in the city, had come to life. Antalya, who want to spend the weekends with the unique view of Tünektepe, creates long queues in front of the ropeway. The citizens of the summit enjoy the view from the cable car facility with their families. Citizens can enjoy their food and beverage needs from the rich menu at great prices, accompanied by the magnificent view of the cable car café. In addition, 4 binoculars placed around the café have the opportunity to explore Antalya.

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