A photo exhibition titled "Claim Jerusalem" opened in Tünel

IETT, in the first Kiblah of Islam, opened an exhibition of photographs about ete Take on Jerusalem Filistin at Tünel in order to draw attention to the atrocities and drama of Israel in Palestine.

IETT, which is a part of the Islamic geography and which is considered sacred by the three major religions and the first Kibles of Muslims, is not the audience of the Palestinians who are attacked by the Israelis and the audience of the people of Jerusalem. photo exhibition opened.

The people of the three great religions in Jerusalem lived in peace and serenity throughout the year. With the emergence of Jerusalem from the hands of the Ottomans, especially in the last 400 year, the tears and the pain in the region never rested. In recent years, the Palestinian people have become more exposed to Israeli attacks. Finally 100 In December 6, the attempt to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has attracted all attention.

A photo exhibition titled ”Go for Jerusalem üs opened by IETT in Tünel is waiting for its visitors.

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