A Workshop That Makes Dreams Come True in Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has opened a Fabrication Laboratory for entrepreneurs and designers who want to embody their projects and ideas, within the scope of the Vocational Factory, which it established to reduce unemployment and contribute to competitiveness. President Aziz Kocaoglu Speaking at the opening of the first FabLab public institutions founded by Turkey, "Metro, the way we have done a lot of work, such as water, but most importantly to me, to educate people, to have a profession," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which restored the historical flour factory in Halkapınar and transformed it into a Vocational Factory, has established a “Fabrication Laboratory” (FabLab) where knowledge and skills are transformed into design, while undertaking employment-oriented works.

It was reported that FabLab Izmir, which was created in collaboration with Izmir Development Agency in order to realize innovative practices in the world, will serve as a "creativity workshop" where projects and ideas in design, arts, crafts, engineering and entrepreneurship will be transformed from dreams to reality. FabLab Izmir, established by public institutions in Turkey was recognized as a first Fabrication Laboratory.

The main problem of the country ..
Speaking at the opening of FabLab İzmir, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu, referring to the critical role played by the Vocational Factory, which was established in cooperation with professional chambers, universities and non-governmental organizations, said that young people facing unemployment should benefit from this opportunity more. Underlining that they aim to make more Izmir residents “professionals” with the courses they have opened within the Vocational Factory, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “I am sorry but I have to; nobody is willing to come here and have a profession. 'I do whatever work is; a table and a chair are enough 'they say. There is also a new fashion. Families are looking for jobs, not young people. There is no such world. We are stuck. How do we get around this? "This is the main problem of the country," he said.

The literature of "I do whatever it is" is over
Mr. Büyükoğlu stated that they would like to continue with the young people in FabLab, which they are opening, to follow the new production technologies.
“Young people should come here and gain experience. Let them put their thoughts into practice; mutually learn, develop, get ready for employment. This is our goal. We have done many works in the subway, road, water, but the most important thing is to educate people, to make them a professional and an expert in a subject. Quitting the literature of 'whatever job it is, I do' when it is said 'what is your job'. The labor market is looking for employees; can not find. But the demand for employment from the state and the municipality is high. Why am I talking pain? Maybe just because our young people will come to them… To come here, learn and perform whatever his talent is… İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is ready to offer all kinds of opportunities and allocate resources for local development. Put a number of economies, Turkey managed a first in the history of the local municipality and the development model that we have proved to the world public the municipality. I underline that we will mobilize all our resources for our youth to be beneficial to society. We cannot grow otherwise. Otherwise, we cannot get young people out of bad habits. "
İzmir Development Agency (İZKA) Deputy Secretary General Sena Gürsoy, in his speech, stated that the project was based on the cooperation of all the organizations in İzmir and that they provided employment, and thanked all the institutions and organizations that supported it.

After the opening speeches, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who examined the designs and the technology used by going to FabLab, was presented with a miniature Clock Tower produced by 3D printer.

State-of-the-art devices
FabLab, which was established within the body of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Profession Factory and free of charge to the residents of Izmir, was created by a team of experts on a budget of 1,5 million pounds. Yaşar University R & D and Application for Fabrication Laboratory with Laser cutter, CNC router, Vinyl cutter, Robot arm, 3 size printers and scanners, Electronic development cards, Robot design and training kits, Computers, CAD-CAM software and electronic sewing machines Center, Ege University Solar Energy Institute, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry and Izmir Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union of Chambers of Labor and Employment Agency Izmir Provincial Directorate of Ege University Ege Vocational School, Turkey Association of Young Businessmen Aegean Branch and the Aegean Free Zone (ESBAS) project contributed as partner and associate.

A first among public institutions
The idea for FabLab, which stands for "manufacturing laboratory" in English, was born at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the leading universities in the USA. Today, there are 141 FabLabs around the world, most of them in European countries and the east coast of the USA. This international link also paves the way for cooperation in different fields. FabrikaLab İzmir became a member of FabLab Network on December 26, 2017. The first FabLab in Turkey, established in Istanbul Kadir Has University FabLab site. The FabLab Izmir, Turkey's first FabLab established by public institutions and active as a case history records.

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