Work Continues at Larende Underpass in Karaman

Karaman Mayor Ertugrul Caliskan, ongoing under construction in Larende undergone investigations from the authorities received information.

Work is underway in the Larende Underpass, which has been constructed by the cooperation of Karaman Municipality and TCDD General Directorate. Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan; Larende, Sümer and Yenişehir Suburbs, which will give life in the meaning of transportation to the neighborhoods, examined the study area.

Stating that the work is continuing intensely, Mayor Çalışkan said: “We are bringing another very important project to Karaman. Most of the work has been completed in the underpass in Larende. It was passed under the railroad and the connection part is being made on the stadium side. The underpass will start serving Karaman as soon as possible. Staying detached from the city center for years, Larende, Sümer and Yenişehir Neighborhoods will come to life with this project. Outside the underpass in Laren, there are more overpass works at 4 different points. Some of them have been completed and some of them are still working. When these projects are completed, the high-speed train passes, which will be put into service soon, will be made smoothly and city traffic will be relieved. ”

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