Istanbul's Third Airport Breaks Record at Record

100 of the Republic. Istanbul's third airport, which will be opened to the year before 5, is breaking a record. Airport, Annual 200 million passenger capacity, daily 3 bin 500 landing-departure, completion in 42 per month, 100 thousand square meter living space, 25 parking lot for thousand cars, 42 kilometers luggage system, 143 passenger bridge, 73 billion pounds economic contribution, 225 employing a thousand people 5,5 is the first company in 62 field with its 11 million ton cargo capacity and XNUMX kilometers security circle.

Turkey, in 2023 the target is moving step by step. Mega projects come to the lead in the targets. Istanbul New Airport, the meeting point of the world, opens on October 29, 2018. The airport, established on an area of ​​80 million square meters, will appeal to 200 million passengers annually when all phases are completed. With the opportunity to fly to more than 350 destinations, Istanbul's new airport will also become the center of world aviation. Built with the logic of “passengers will manage the time”, the airport also puts many records in it. The new airport will open its doors to the world with its new airport splendor, where the problem of delay will be solved, it will have a car park with a capacity of 25 thousand vehicles, 3 thousand 500 landings and departures per day will be solved.

100 of the Republic. 5 Turkey prior to the anniversary project turns into a giant on the world arena. 78, the second airport of Istanbul, will be opened at 29 October 2018. IGA Airport Construction CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu said, iyor The minors of such a project will end the year with the 10-15. We are doing 42 per month. This is a record, ığ he said.


We go to Istanbul's 3. We can say that the airport is bigger than what you see in the pictures. Moreover, the new airport is not as far as we thought, we were able to reach Topkapi 35 minutes. The glorious view of the airport, which welcomes us on the right side of the road at the end of a short journey through Gokturk, will have affected many foreign investors. All these developments make us happy on behalf of our country. The Mexicans have a project like this, the Mexicans came here. The project draws much attention Proje.


Akçayoğlu stated that the project will consist of 6 tracks and said, ız When all phases of the airport are completed, the passenger capacity will exceed 200 million. In this sense, it becomes the largest airport in the world. This terminal is well designed for passenger comfort, everything is considered in the sense that transfer passengers can pass to the other plane without experiencing any confusion and can rest in the same way. There will be 14 check-in area. 460 will be your hotel room. The first 114 aircraft will dock. Citizens will reach the plane with bellows. We have an independent runway 2. This is a very important advantage. The slot will be much different from the available airports. Here for THY, which is our flag carrier, our company has a great opportunity. Our acak dead clocks ”will be flights at five o'clock in the morning and four hours in flight. In this way, it will increase the competitiveness. When all phases are completed at the airport, the number of daily takeoffs will reach the 3 bin 500. Havalim


At the new airport, son My baggage has disappeared, Yeni he says. Akçayoğlu stated that the luggage system of the 42 kilometer is a record and said, yolcu The luggage system will ensure the passenger experience without interruption and minimize the waiting times of passengers at the airport. The distance of the 42 kilometer is a distance from Taksim to Tuzla. For the installation of this system 3 thousand 300 tons of steel, 650 mileage wiring was done. 170 special micro-processor based smart devices will carry out luggage sorting and stocking. We will be able to process one thousand 30 baggage per hour. We will follow up until after the baggage goes to the plane. Thanks to the intelligent system, the system we continue testing will make a difference. Luggage waiting times will be shortened. You may have to wait for the luggage in your hand unless the counter is opened for your flight.

With this system, there will be an opportunity to make early baggage. Our robotic luggage will be our storage space. This area will be available with 10 bin 500 luggage capacity and can be removed from the 16 bin. When the flight time comes, the baggage will be directed to the plane. So check in early and shop inside, you can spend time easily. 24 completed this month. This was done differently from the examples in the world. The plan was made when the foundation was laid. The terminal that makes the terminal terminal is the bridges. The baggage loss rate will go down to 0. It will be an independent baggage system. Ol


Akçayoğlu said, acak What is the safety of an airport that has signed up?, And asked “What is being done about it? Da. The best safety devices were taken. There will be face scanning systems. The suspect can be identified by this system. An unclaimed bag will be notified immediately. The latest technology will be used here. We are approaching the safety issue in the framework of passenger experience and we believe in the importance of technology in this matter. The large airport requires us to use technology correctly. In this respect, it will be possible to use machines for mobile signs, face and voice recognition or other personal information at Istanbul New Airport, check-in or baggage delivery points. As well as to ensure security in the first place, the 3-4 bin will be taken by a security expert. Y

And Akçayoğlu says that the first issue of security will be at the new airport: Istanbul New Airport will be the largest in the world with the length of the safety circle that will cut off from outside. A security circle will be established with a length equal to the distance between Ataşehir and Beylikdüzü. Suspected cases to be detected before. The lack of compactness of the building gives us the advantage, the distance, there are connection ways, the detection will be easier.


In connection with the contribution of the new airport to the economy, Akçayoğlu provides the following information: By the year of 2025, the number of people who will be directly and indirectly employed at the airport will reach 225 thousand. When the direct, indirect, triggering and accelerating economic effects of Istanbul New Airport are brought together under the Global Growth Scenarios (Optimistic Scenario), it is predicted that 2025 will contribute to GNP by 4,89 up to 4,9. New Airport Economic Impact Analysis Report Based on until 73 percent of the project's contribution to Turkey's national economy is expected to reach XNUMX billion.


Even though it may seem to be a bit far from the center of Istanbul, there will also be more transportation options for the airport, which can be reached in a short journey. Yusuf Akçayoğlu continues the construction of the metro line after the tender made by the Ministry of Transportation. With this line, a rail system is established from Gayrettepe to Istanbul New Airport. Thus, it will be possible to reach the new airport in 25 minutes from the city center. Along with the completion of the North Marmara Motorway and connecting roads, Istanbul New Airport will be in an easily accessible position. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the European-Anatolian side of the high-speed train project to be connected with the Istanbul New Airport will be connected. With the D20 you can reach the IGA Main Campus from Levent in minutes. This time will be shortened by the time the airport connection ends, Bu he says.


"You come to Istanbul with New Airport's new air transport industry companies?" Is the question we ask HDI Airport Construction CEO Joseph Akcayoglu, "the number of people flying in Turkey too, 54 airport in our country. Passengers have THY, the airline that flies to the highest point in the world. There is no reason for the aviation industry not to grow. Maybe there are other companies in domestic lines, there is no reason not to. There's infrastructure. But there is a sense that we have received about this issue. Our priority is to finish our airport and make it ready for the opening. Bizim

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