Kocaoglu Elim If I Did Not Apply For Metro

Speaking at the opening of the Menemen Türkelli Wastewater Treatment Plant, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu brought the Otogar-Halkapınar subway, which has been expected to be built by the Ministry for 10 years: “They said we will make everybody's subway in 2008. Even if my hand was broken, I would not apply. Year came to 2018 .. Subways are over everywhere. For our subway, 21 million lira, a child's money was allocated in the budget this year, which is not enough for the excavation of the metro. ”

Mayor Kocaoğlu added that if the ministries do Izmir's work, they will not need to request an appointment from the Prime Minister.

Treatment with the falling number and amount of treatment per person "Turkey leadership" that protects the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, continues to refining mobilization. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality put the 21st treatment plant in European Union standards into service with a ceremony in Menemen Türkelli. The facility, which is the second refinery of Menemen, has been costed by the General Directorate of IZSU with a transmission line of approximately 10 kilometers and 9.4 million liras. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, CHP Provincial Mayor Deniz Yücel, Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila, Menemen Mayor Tahir Şahin, Çiğli Mayor Hasan Arslan, Foça Mayor Gökhan Demirağ, councilors, muhtars and citizens attended the opening of the facility.

Support for Afrin
A speech at the opening ceremony, the soldiers of Afrin operations starting with the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the Middle East's oil and who want to keep control of the region ranging from the Balkans to the Caucasus in their hands for their own interests, the imperialist states, at the end said it was a fiction pursuit of wanting the disintegration of Turkey . President Kocaoğlu said, “Therefore, we have to prevent the new game of imperialism here by defending and supporting the integrity of Iraq as it was in the past, the integrity of Syria as it is today and the indivisible integrity of all neighboring states. Syria army of the Republic of Turkey His intervention is extremely important in this respect. the establishment of a different state in our south, a clear and unequivocal manner to target the fragmentation of Turkey. Supporting this operation is extremely important both for the improvement of the spirituality of the army and the success of our army for the future of our country. I wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs and urgent healing to our veterans. I would like to underline once again that we are next to our army and supported as the representative of the people, the local as the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. ”

Not necessarily the environment ..
Stating that the amount of infrastructure support they have made to Menemen since he took office is 315 million liras, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “One third of this amount is the investments made by the İZSU General Directorate. If you ask why purification, why environment, why social cultural activities; If the air is polluted, the water is polluted, the soil is polluted, the food and the environment are not healthy, how will this development take place? How will people invest here; How will tourism, congress, agriculture and industry grow? People only come to a livable, world-class place with 3 hours of drinkable water, clean air, clean water, clean food. Cities with prominent environmental investments kazanIP is growing,” he said.

Mayor Kocaoglu of Izmir, indicating that the 5 percent of Turkey's population of hosts, "In spite of Izmir, the population of the central government in taxes contribute more than 2 solid," he said.

The issue of solid waste
In his speech, President Kocaoğlu also mentioned the Solid Waste Recycling and Biogas Facility they wanted to establish in Yamanlar, which was pending as a result of the lawsuit filed, and said: kazanI have been dealing with the conversion of ca for 13 years. There is no place left for me to look for. All of them were a shackle, a handle was found. It's like this garbage only comes out of my house. In the end, the opinions of all institutions were taken for the place we found, and the documents were completed. Nothing negative but two lawyers sued again. The other day in the newspapers, Çiğli District Governor Kaya Çıtak, together with the president of the association and a member of the assembly Mesut Demirkaya, said, 'The Metropolitan should give the garbage to Manisa'. The fact that a representative of the Republic of Turkey is in the middle of a political propaganda contradicts the district governorship as we understand it. There is nothing going on in Manisa anyway. It doesn't suit anyone to mess up with empty words," he said.

The grace of the AKP government
Bülent Delican, the Provincial Chairman of the AKP, 'a rainfall without the overflowing of the sea what to do this chairman' against the words of a group of AK Party's provincial chairman criticized the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, 'Politics is a right thing to do. From time to time, we criticize the truth. If we stop telling the truth, who will tell the truth. Who will give examples to the community if the wing leaders to stop telling the truth ”said and continued:
“Our AKP friends, deputies keep on stopping and say that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the city with the most money after Kocaeli. A coin is collected within the legal framework. With the money collected from all provinces, the budget of the central government is formed. They pay a certain amount for the total tax, how much they are paid, to invest in the Metropolitan Municipality. from in Kocaeli, all related to the excise duty on fuel .. Izmir in Turkey tradesmen, industrialists, businessmen, all the people living in the correct tax declaration goes on, time, and therefore paying more money per capita to the Metropolitan Municipality is coming. This is not a favor from the AKP government, it is not a favor from anyone! It is the reflection of the money paid by the people of Izmir to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Aside from the law, no penny other than legally granted, even the old tire of a bucket was not given to the Metropolitan while 5 billion lira Special Administrative Goods were distributed. ”

The budget allocated by the Ministry is “child's play”
Speaking about the Otogar-Halkapınar subway, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “If my hand was broken, I would not apply. They said we will make everyone's subway in 2008. Letter came to the Metropolitan. We also wrote. We wrote Şirinyer, Narlıdere, Halkapınar. His project was ready at that time. We sent him to Halkapınar. Subways are over everywhere. Year 2008 was mentioned. The year has come to 2018 .. This year, 21 million lira, a piece of money, such as child's play, was allocated in the budget, which is not enough for the excavation of the metro. We have to apply and ask and say 'Come on, we gave up this job' and continue on our way again. ”

Why did I request an appointment from the Prime Minister?
Regarding the appointment he has been waiting for from the Prime Minister since the last month of Ramadan, the Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan's' Mayor's addressee is not the Prime Minister. Responding to the statement 'we are', President Kocaoğlu continued:
“With a few examples I state why I want an appointment from the Prime Minister. We have nowhere to accommodate our newly purchased car ferry and cruise ships at night. We invite captains, technicians and release the ships into the sea so that they do not tear off the piers when the storm comes out. There is an unused fishing shelter next to Bostanlı Ferry Port. We said, 'Give it to us and let our ferries stay safely and safely there at night'. It's been over 5 years, it's still not given. They have coastal plans, not approved. We found cheap loans, they did not. We had a problem in Kültürpark, we couldn't handle it. Whichever minister we go to, including the Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan, what we want to say, 'Does the Prime Minister know?' We get the answer. When we get this answer, we naturally want an appointment with the Prime Minister. You do these simple things, neither we go to the Prime Minister nor come to you. There is no issue here that I cannot answer anyone. I'm just trying to speak from the low screen because it hurts Izmir if I speak more. ”

Cooperatives should not be divided
The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave the following criticisms that he did not support some cooperatives in the countryside:
“When I started to develop the countryside, I found the Bayındır Flower Cooperative which managed to survive. I found Bademli Fidancılık in Ödemiş and the İğdeli Cheese Cooperative in Kiraz; I set off with them. I do not want the division of cooperatives, multi-title! There is no question of rivaling each other. Stand next to the strong one to build a new cooperative. We continue our journey with strong cooperatives that we find successful. There's no point in disintegrating, dividing power. Power comes from production, investment comes out, science comes out, value added.,

Tahir Sahin: Izmir will stay in Aziz
Menemen Mayor spoke at the ceremony Tahir Şahin, the mayor of a lot of work doing that, but the investment environment is thrown into the last row in Turkey, said: "the real owners of this business Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and therefore President Aziz Kocaoglu. If this treatment had not been done, all these wastes would be poured into the Gulf of Izmir. Everyone makes way, makes the channel, brings transportation services in Turkey; there is the idea that such investments are made even if the last money remains. But the President of the Republic took the most environmental investments. Because St. President loved the environment, loved nature. He loves the people who love the environment, ”he said.
Var One of the most important works for me is Aziz Kocaoglu's share in İZBAN, which will extend from Selçuk to Bergama. Let no one wonder, the friendly enemy would know it like this: Izmir is Aziz, Aziz will remain. According to the data of 2015-2016 TUIK after the IZBAN line started to work, Menemen became one of the biggest districts of Izmir. While 1.2 grows on all sides, Menemen 5.9 has grown. İZBAN plays a big role in this. B

9.4 million pounds facility
Türkelli Wastewater Treatment Plant will eliminate the domestic wastes of Türkelli, Helvacı and Hatundere settlements in 2010, which could not reach the Menemen Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant with a capacity of 1000 people. Built on an area of ​​one thousand square meters, the 100 20 has a capacity to accommodate a thousand people, and a thousand cubic meters of household waste a day. As in the 15 treatment plant established by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality so far, the domestic wastes are treated with advanced biological methods in European Union standards and the treated waters are disinfected with ultraviolet rays. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Türkelli, Helvacı and Hatundere settlements in order to reach the wastewater treatment plant in the 3 km-long channel line laid and made three promotion centers. Together with the transmission line, the plant cost 20 million pounds.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, other advanced biological wastewater treatment plants in European Union standards are Bergama, Çandarlı, Aliağa, Yeni Foça, Foça, Menemen, Çiğli, Kemalpaşa, Güneybatı, Çeşme, Seferihisar, Doğanbey, Özdere, Havza, Ayrancılar, Torbalı, Bayındır, Hasköy, He had paid and founded Urla.

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