Reaction of CHP Minister to the budget allocated to İzmir

CHP Izmir Deputy Murat Minister, 2018 Year within the framework of the investment program has reacted to the budget allocated to Izmir. Stating that the government has ignored Izmir, the Minister said, “The AKP government understands political support from the service and makes it a step-son.”

The investment program of the projects planned for the cities in 2018 was published in the Official Gazette. The Tenth Development Plan, 2018-2020 Medium-Term Program and 2018 prepared in line with the targets envisaged in the program's 2018 Investment Program 'under for many points of Anatolia - especially on transportation projects - big budgets that separates government, Turkey's third largest province of Izmir' i ignored this year too.

While the investment share of İzmir from the central budget decreases gradually each year; This year, the budget allocated to Izmir was below the budget spent by the local government in the city.

Total 499 project and having 28 billion 921 million 703 thousand with 2018 years of the highest budgets in public investment Transport, Communications and Maritime Ministry's investment budget Ankara and Istanbul metro lines with a bridge spanning over Turkey one side of the highway and other rail system investments came to the forefront.

Within the scope of the central budget, the government has included the 5 of Istanbul, the 6 of Ankara and the 217 million TL only for the Sincan Metro in Ankara, Haydarpaşa and Istanbul. Halkalı allocating 1 billion 690 million TL for the construction of the rail system lines, the Ministry has allocated 12 million 4,5 thousand TL for the 21 km Halkapınar - Bus Terminal Metro line, which is among 500 separate transportation projects for İzmir and is expected to be tendered in the coming months. The total cost of the rail system line, which was first announced ten years ago and is expected to be completed in 2019, is 383 million TL.

On the other hand, in 2018 investment plans, İzmir is far behind in other fields such as culture, art, education and health. In addition to routine maintenance and repair activities to be carried out by the Ministry of Health in Menemen, Karşıyakahealth facilities planned to replace the old state hospital, which was destroyed in. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Karşıyaka There were no projects for İzmir this year except the Theater Stage and the completion of Bornova Cultural Center, the foundation of which was laid in 1993. However, by the Ministry of Justice, the new prison will be made at the cost of TL 5 million.

Republican People's Party Izmir deputy Murat Minister, '2018 Year Investment Program carried to Parliament and asked by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim to answer the question.

That is what the AKP government understands from the service!
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has allocated approximately 2018 billion 1 million TL to the new transportation projects for the year 100, and the Minister has said: North Aegean Port, Olympic Stadium, Alaçatı Airport, Çiğli Vecihi Hürkuş Airport, go beyond the budget of crazy projects, not even the name. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 2011 on November 35 Alacati Airport said that they have finished all the work, '35 17 month in the next year, in March-April by completing the commons project, will perform the tender-operate-transfer model' he said what It happened? No. What happened to the North Aegean Port? No. I just brought it up the other day. What is the support of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution to the farmers from İzmir? No! What the AKP government understands from the service is to pour it into places where it can receive political support, and to treat it as stepfather in places it cannot. ”

1 - the Tenth Development Plan, 2018-2020 Medium Term Program and 2018 Year prepared in line with the targets envisaged in the program '2018 Year Investment Program' in the framework of Turkey's devoted to Izmir, the third largest city budget is the reason of so few and inadequate?

2 - In 2011, when are you going to implement the crazy projects that you call '35 Izmir 35 Project' and promise to Izmir and the people of Izmir, but not even mention it to be in the budget? At what stage is the 35 project you are promising to do?

3 - What is the reason why the projects that the government promises to do are carried out by build - operate - transfer?

4 - Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroglu said in a statement on 13.03.2017: “Izmir has not seen such service since Izmir. See, we have made a total investment of 43 billion TL as AK Party ”. Is the cost of projects implemented with build-operate-transfer method not allocated in the budget but the personnel expenditures of the institutions, current expenditures and fixed expenditures such as social insurance expenses are included in this amount that you define as 'investments we make for İzmir'?



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