Countdown has begun for the rail system in Mersin

📩 20/12/2018 17:33

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz's one of the most important projects promised to Mersin, the Light Rail System Project is expected to end the year 2018 construction tender.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which revised the Transportation Master Plan and presented the Light Rail System Project to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, continues its work for the Light Rail System Project without slowing down.

Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning, which does not need an EIA report, which is approved by the program for an intensive program to continue the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, Light Rail System Project, Mersin's traffic problem will be solved fundamentally.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality May 2016 carried out the tender for the Preparation of Final Design of Light Rail System Project prepared within the scope of Transportation Master Plan approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

2021 will be in the service of the people of Mersin

After the preparation of the Light Rail System Project, which is prepared within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan and which will bring a long-term solution for the traffic in Mersin, the projects will be completed within 7 months. The construction of the rail system project, which has been submitted for the 2018 Public Investment Program, will start construction as soon as possible after the construction tender is completed.

Light Rail System connected transfer centers will be created

The line, which will be 16,24 kilometers long between Mezitli and TCDD Station, will start from Mersin Train Station and will follow İstiklal Street. The line reaching Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard will move towards Forum Shopping Center and will end in Mezitli. The main service area of ​​the line is the functions that include residential areas, important urban activity areas, and central commercial and business areas, the route will serve Mezitli Soli and its surroundings in the west, Mersin University Yenişehir campus, Forum Shopping Mall and Marina… 4 stations along the route, 7 stations are on the level and 1 station is on the viaduct. Thanks to the Mezitli Soli transfer center, the Train and Old Bus Station Main Transfer Center, which is proposed to be built on the route within the scope of the Line Mersin Transportation Master Plan, the rail system will be integrated with the train station line, east, north lines and district bus lines.

Taking into consideration the development of Mersin in the coming years, the route of the selected route, the major arteries used by the citizens, the number of the population, the number of employees and employment, the number of students in the household and school, the number of vehicles, the ownership of cars, the number of cars falling to the 1000 person and the household income. was selected in consideration.

From Mezitli-Train Station to 21 minutes

There are 12 stations stationed along Mezitli-Gar Line. The station points were determined according to the intense distances according to the principles of public transportation planning, where the cross-section and ownership status were appropriate, considering the land use around the route. The platform lengths, which are formed according to the vehicle types, are designed as 30 meter platform length with 4 meter length 125 vehicle lengths and station lengths are Open-Close Station (170 meters), Tunnel Station (192 meters) and Level Station (125 meters).

Operating speed was calculated as 42,7 km / h according to the project conditions. The total round-trip time of the line lasting about 21 minutes in one direction will be approximately 45 minutes. In the opening year of the line, the peak (peak) hour of the business is 5 minutes and the 4 series (consisting of 10 vehicles) will work on the day. 2030 13 3,75 2050 2,86 21 14 184 2030 In 18, the maximum number of flights per hour will be 574 minutes and 2050 will be launched at peak time. Accordingly, 24 bin763 passengers will be transported in one direction at peak time in the opening year of the system and XNUMX thousand XNUMX passengers in XNUMX, which is the main plan target year of this value; XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX passenger in the year is expected to reach.

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