Kardemir's Painful Day!

3 who died in a traffic accident that occurred last night in Karabük 4 person was sent off on the last journey.

Saffet Toğlu, Osman Özdemir and Yasin Çelikkafa and service driver Şükrü Parlakçı, who lost their lives in a car accident in Yeşil Mahalle last night, were sent off to their eternal journey with prayers.

The first ceremony for workers who lost their lives in Kazata was held in Kardemir Haddehane Square. Relatives of the workers who died, Karabük Governor Kemal Çeber, Karabük Mayor Rafet Vergili, Provincial Police Director Mehmet Emin Akay, Chairman Ömer Faruk Öz and Board Members Kamil Güleç and Hüseyin Çağrı Güleç, Çelik İş Union General Financial Secretary Bayram Altun and General Organization Secretary Recep Akyel, Chairman of the Union Branch, Chairman of the Union, Tuncay Özcan, President of TSO, Mr. Timurçin Saylar, President of the General Assembly, Ahmet Sözen, President of the Club, Mr. Ziya Ünsal, the President of Kardemir Karabükspor, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations .

Funeral prayers by the Provincial Mufti Halil Bektas made workers' funerals later Kapullu District Selimiye Mosque was brought. He attended the funeral prayer in Karabük deputy Mehmet Ali Şahin, who was held after the noon prayer here.

Following the funeral prayers, the funerals of Saffet Toğlu and Yasin Çelikkafa were buried in the Cubes cemetery of the Kapullu neighborhood, and the funeral of the service driver Şükrü Parlakçı was sent to the vehicle district of Kastamonu to be buried. Osman Özdemir was buried at the Cubes Cemetery in the Kapullu District after the funeral prayer following the afternoon prayer in the same mosque.

We wish God's mercy on the workers who lost their lives in this accident, our condolences to their families and all their colleagues, and to the wounded workers İsmet Küçükzoroğlu and Kamil Ünal.

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