The goal of BURULAŞ is to make a daily 500 passenger

We hosted BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar in the Local Governments program the previous evening.
Çapar is a bureaucrat who was transferred from Istanbul to Bursa. The answer to the question of whether Çapar was able to visit Bursa is quite interesting! ..
I haven't found more opportunities Daha
Indeed, the start of the day of public transport at the time of the beginning of the diameter of the last public transport of Çapar'ın last time the contact continues until the time the contact closes.
This is the pace of the 60 day.
In the area of ​​responsibility, BURULAŞ's buses, private public buses, BUDO and Çapar, which are located in the terminal, do not have this complaint.

Average daily 250 passenger transported in light rail system

In Bursa, it is known that private public buses cause problems especially from time to time.
Sometimes we are making the necessary warnings because of the difficulties experienced for the free right of the disabled and the elderly.
After that, they also know the problems of the private public buses and contractors in the process of sharing the diameter of the bridle shared through our screens.
Light rail system will be difficult to go together on the same line of wheeled system with the feed lines soon gave the good news that this problem will be solved.
In terms of disruptions due to the light rail system consisting of four different stages in Bursa, Çapar said that these problems would be experienced less.
On the other hand, the integration of the four systems for the study of software work to continue working at a time with the waiting period will be reduced to BURULAŞ said.
At the moment, an average of 250 thousand passengers carrying around the day with the end of this software will reach the carrying capacity of 500 thousand passengers.

We are pleased to carry passengers to Sabiha Gökçen

I asked if the BURULAŞ, who had taken over the business of transporting passengers from the Bursa Terminal to Sabiha Gökçen, was satisfied with the work and whether there had been appropriate travel.
Çapar said that this line was rentable although it carried 30 TL.
Afterwards, he emphasized that transportation is done according to the rules of the state and that it is safe.

Our goal is Anatolian side

For sea transportation, which is one of the activities of BURULAŞ, they have been in discussion with the Istanbul City Lines Directorate on the issue whether BUDO has projects to take down passengers on the Anatolian side. Kadıköy and if it is found that they are looking for a pier in Üsküdar, we, as BURULAŞ, will start passenger transportation.
But he is not satisfied with the current Sirkeci pier Kabataş He said they were looking forward to the opening of his pier.
Çapar works hard to keep Alinur Aktaş's trust in his support and team as the name of the transportation in Bursa.
It is our hope that the result of these works is reflected in the Bursali.

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