Mayor Kılıç Introduces Mega Projects to District Presidents

In order to evaluate the work of the Municipality of Kağıthane, Mayor Fazlı Kılıç met with the political party chairmen and executives of the district and introduced mega projects to be put into service in the near future.

The meeting took place in Kağıthane Municipality Nurtepe Social Facilities lasted about two hours. AK Party, Republican People's Party, Nationalist Movement Party, Grand Unity Party, Felicity Party, Homeland Party, Free Litigation Party and President of Freedom and Solidarity Party attended the meeting hosted by Mayor Kılıç.

In the traditional consultation meeting, mega-projects such as metros, which will be put into service in the district in the near term, Cendere Valley Arrangement Project, Great Istanbul Tunnel with 3 Deck, Cendere Valley and City Square Arrangement Study were evaluated.

President Kılıç recalled the current stability in the country and said that the investments continued unabated. In the last three months, Mr. Kılıç stated that they have opened the new investment of 34 in the district; . It takes its share in Kağıthane from the stability environment in the country. We perform more than one opening every week. The time and effort we spend our happiness and satisfaction as a return to us, '' he said.

In addition to the existing metro line, two new metro lines will be added to the district. kazanPresident Kılıç stated that he will be released; '' Kabataş- Kagithane-Mahmutbey Metro and Gayrettepe-3. The Airport Metro will be opened in the first months of 2019. The 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel, which is another mega project, will go down to 14 minutes between Kağıthane and Ümraniye. With the Cendere Valley and City Square Arrangement Work, Kağıthane will be one of the new educational, technology and tourism centers of Istanbul. We would like to thank our President, Prime Minister and Metropolitan Mayor for giving great support to our district. ''

The chairman and the managers of the district took the floor during the meeting and evaluated the current and new term works of the Municipality of Kağıthane and made suggestions.

The Consultation Meetings, which started with previous and current members of parliament, will continue with meetings with the press-art community and non-governmental organizations after the chairman and managers of the district political party.

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