3. Airport's 42 Kilometer Luggage System Completed

The whole world is followed with interest, the world's largest airport project from scratch, which is the end of Istanbul New Airport's luggage system. The last conveyor in 42 kilometers length, which corresponds to a distance between Taksim and Tuzla, was assembled and ready for opening. The system will be capable of handling more than a thousand baggage per hour.

The construction works at the Istanbul New Airport continue at full speed and the main equipments that make up the airport are ready every day. Istanbul New Airport, which differs from other airports with its technological systems that will maximize passenger experience, will reduce the waiting times of passengers with the technologies to be used.

The design, production, transportation and installation of the 24 moon, which is produced exclusively for the Istanbul New Airport project and is ready for service by completing its design, production, transportation and installation, is the first system completed in this world.

In the hour, 30 will handle the bin baggage!

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of IGA Airports Construction, made the following statement on the luggage system, which has a critical role in airports:
Inda When all phases are completed, the baggage system has a special importance for the Istanbul New Airport project, which can provide annual 200 million passenger capacity and flight services to more than 350 destinations. The baggage system will ensure the passenger experience is uninterrupted, minimizing the waiting times of passengers at the airport. The system corresponds to a distance from Taksim to Tuzla with its length of 42 kilometers. For the installation of this system 3 thousand 300 tons of steel, 650 mileage wiring was done. 170 special micro-processor based smart devices will carry out luggage sorting and stocking. We will be able to process 30.000 pieces of luggage per hour. On the other hand, there are 13 check-in islands and 468 points where our passengers will deliver their luggage and check in. Öte

Akçayoğlu stated that they have adopted an approach based on functionality in line with the needs of the passengers in the Istanbul New Airport project and said, bir With the luggage system we have, we will pass many airports around the world. For example; 10 bin 800 baggage storage capacity is what we mean that passengers arriving early to the airport will be able to deliver their luggage at any time. In the case of a possible delay, we will not have any space to store luggage. Baggage will be placed on the shelves by the 48 pieces early luggage storage robot. In addition, we have 10 18 units, 28 units, 8 units and 48 international passenger arrivals. XNUMX will be capable of separating large body (F and E series) aircraft. On the other hand, in order to sort out the outgoing luggage according to flights, there is also our XNUMX baggage separation tile. Öte

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