1-year cost of Osmangazi Bridge to the Treasury 1.3 Billion Lira

In the Gulf of Izmit, Osmangazi Bridge did not hold the vehicle crossing targets, and the 1 annual cost to the Treasury was 1.3 billion TL.

Daily 40 thousand vehicle guarantee given the target of the Osmangazi Bridge Treasury, 1 1.3 billion pounds per year was faced with the payment to the operating company. CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, announced the balance sheet of 2017 year Osmangazi Bridge. In 2017, the total number of vehicles passing by bridges is 8.5 million and the number of vehicles not exceeding 6.1 million. According to the agreement made with the company for each vehicle passing the bridge 35 dollars + 8 VAT must be paid.

Since the number of guaranteed equivalent cars per day is 40 thousand units, the number of vehicles in 2017 is 14.6 million. The difference in the price of the transfer fee from the Treasury is out, the money is paid for the passing vehicles. Treasury for vehicles passing 578 million pounds, the vehicle will not pay for vehicles that will pay the amount of 811 million 300 thousand pounds will be. In total, the amount to be paid to the operating company for 2017 year 1 billion 389 million 300 thousand pounds. CHP Akar, the contract should 35 dollars + KDV which tolls the dollar exchange rate with the 2 January 2017 As is 3.53, pointing out that it coincided with the 133 pounds, the dollar exchange rate, which 2 and 2018 January 3.76 As he recalled found 141 pounds. Akar, the Treasury for the vehicles that do not go accordingly, so the nation will continue to pay the price, he said.


In the 2018's statement saying that the darker liquid, and the number of vehicles that are guaranteed arising from contracts that are billed to the capture of half of the nation, said the toll is taken from exceeding 80 million citizens. Referring to bridges, highways and city hospitals where the government allocates 6.2 billion from the budget as a solution, Akar said, “The Prime Minister says there is no 1 penny out of the state's pocket for the projects of Build-Operate-Transfer. The money paid is certain, Ö he said.


CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar announced the report of Osmangazi Bridge:

- The most expensive bridge in the world, both in terms of construction costs and tolls.

- Ambulance, firefighters and law enforcement agencies are not able to use this bridge because they are charged

- The state motorway is not communicating between the state motorway and the Osmangazi Bridge.
charge is charged at the longest distance.

- Due to the high bridge toll, the bus and logistics companies have increased their transportation costs.

- D130 and D100 (Karamürsel, Gölcük, Başiskele, İzmit, Derince, and Körfez) roads passing through the city could not be solved.



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