Zorkun Plateau Ropeway System Feasibility Ready

Zorkun Plateau Cable Car
Zorkun Plateau Cable Car

Zorkun Plateau Ropeway System Feasibility Ready: Enriching the tourism potential of the Eastern Mediterranean Region with various infrastructure works and facilities with the project "Making the Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility of the Osmaniye Karaçay Valley Cable Car System" carried out by the Osmaniye Special Provincial Administration within the scope of the DOĞAKA Direct Activity Financial Support Program, In order to create alternative transportation opportunities for tourism, the technical and financial feasibility of the ropeway line planned to be built on a route of 11 km from Osmaniye province Karaçay Valley to Zorkun Plateau has been prepared. Ömer Faruk COŞKUN and Osmaniye Provincial General Assembly members

As it is known, the people of the region, who are looking for alternative opportunities to the hot and dry city life in the summer months, show great interest in springs. This interest creates serious traffic. Likewise, in terms of domestic and foreign tourism, interest in plateaus is increasing in summer. While creating an alternative transportation model to the plateaus is one of the aims of this study, it is also aimed in this project to strengthen the tourism potential of the city by means of access to the natural tourism areas under construction by various institutions at the points where the cable car line will reach.

Within the scope of the DFD Program, the first interim station is located opposite the Çiftmazı Recreation Area while co-financing by the Osmaniye Special Provincial Administration is located in the area to the east of the Karacalar Bridge. It is planned that the ropeway system where the second intermediate station is located in the Olukbaşı plateau will end with the arrival station at the Zorkun plateau center. In the technical part of the study, the technical calculations of the four station buildings and the ropeway line on the mentioned route were made with the preliminary projects.

In addition to the technical part of the study, the feasibility of economics has been studied. In this context, it was revealed that the system can be economically feasible by predicting the travel demand of 30 year after the ropeway line is put into service by calculating the human and vehicle traffic and the potential tourist traffic of the plateaus in the current situation.

In the financial section of the study, credit facilities, repayment periods, income-expense accounts were prepared about how the cost of the total ropeway system can be financed by the investor organizations or entrepreneurs.

It was also stated by the authorities who prepared the work that the 11 kilometer cable car line to be reached in case the feasibility of the construction of the cable car system is realized will be one of the few lines of this length in the world.

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